The Phonogram (1900-08)

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o6 T H PHONOGRAM Would store. I hope you and your family are all well. Would lilrff to har you cum up and viset us bout time the summer Pippins git ripe. I am your Affectionate Uncle, Josh Weathersby. PHONOGRAPH DOLLS. It is whispered that at last, after three years of constant experimenting, some one has finally found a way to make a Phonograph small enough to be introduced into the stom- ach of a doll, and be a success as a Phonograph. Mr. Edison thought he had it a long time ago, and thousands of dolls of a suitable size, and with abdominal cavities of the proper size and shape were ordered and made. Later it was found the Phonograph would not work, and the dolls have since been disposed of in small lots at low prices. But now the Phonograph has been shrunken to the proper size, it is claimed, and it still does its business as it should, and this naturally means a tremendous amount of money for some one. Manufacturers of dolls everywhere have realized from the moment they first heard of a Phonograph that if it could be used with dolls, so that the little creatures of sawdust and wax might sing, laugh, cry, talk, etc., there would be a revolution in the doll business right away, and some one would reap a golden harvest. The struggle to make a doll Phonograph has therefore been incessant, and much money has been sent in pursuit of it. The successful man or men are understood to be located in New England, in the neigh- borhood of Boston, and they are said to have given it out that Phonograph dolls will be on the market in large num- bers in rime for the Christmas trade. If a Phonograph doll