The Phonogram (1900-08)

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it not *dvi?able tor in. tm*e,rc geo ..mar- cel and ttkes on a battered. appearance j .but it stapds the testa remarkably well, and it looks so much like bisque that it is hard to persuade oneself at first fight that it >. not breakable. The Newark company hopes,to.get. hold of soine of th* doU Phonographs or to. seU some x>f its dolls, to the doU Phonograph people. . It contends that the.cofnbin- ation of its .non-breakable bodies with the. Phonpgiaph. ar- rangement will make the ideal doll, and it is. more than likely that this is so. There are. more than fifty million dplls wade a,year,in Germany alone, it is said. : Thc Ger- mans have tried to make Phonograph dolls and have Ailed. -—From'the Call, Newark, N. J. i HOW TO BE JOLLY ON THE TROLLEY. A jolly trolley party was enjoyed Monday evening by about 50 members of Gethsemane commandery, Knights Templars, and their guests. A brilliantly illuminated car of the Newton and Boston street railway left Newtonville square at 7.45 and carried its freight to the Woodland Park hotel. Aubumdale. After a substantial spread the guests arriving t. ' During the trip the party was entertau Phonograph—From the Grcidt, Newton