The Phonogram (1900-08)

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110 THE PHONOGRAM thought your dollies were buried ? ** “ They wert mama but we wanted to hare a tea party, so we rosed them from the dead.** And I suppose I must hare hurt their feelings the way I laughed. A SHORT *GOWF TALK. “The golfers are beginning to golf* a bit these fine days, although the links* and pins* are said to be wet* and rusty*. Golf balls*, however, are being danced* and brassey* youths are bring engaged as tea* caddies*. The home plate* has been uncovered, and put* in shape, and the bunkers* are full of coal* ready for the hasardous* work of the coming season on the greens*. Drivers* are in good demand, but scrubs* and spavined* animals are a drug on the market. " “ [*This may not be literally correct, but it covers the case as we understand it from hearing the players talk.] ** —From Jaturmllt (Wis.) Qamtttt. AN OBLIGING TRADESMAN. Mrs. Youngwife—I want five pounds of sugar, please, tiealer—Yes, ma'am. Shall we send it for you ? Mrs. Youngwife—No, I'll take it with me if it isn't too heavy. Dealer—m make it as fight as posrible for you, ma'am. -Fra th« tWUdfM* firm