The Phonogram (1900-08)

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LANTERN AND PHONOGRAPH An Evening with Song Pictures. While spending a few days last summer in the beautiful Tillage of Wayne, Me., I learned that Pastor Erwin Dennett of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., and also a former Pastor of Wayne, was to lecture on a certain evening in the Town Hall on ** The Flag That Never Knew Defeat^ ** the lecture to be illustrated with the lan- tern and the Edison Phonograph. The evening came and found me among the large audi- ence of townspeople who had assembled in the Town Hall to hear their former Pastor. At 8 o'clock the hall was darkened and after one or two opening scenes, suddenly the most beautiful of earthly banners, the Stars and Stripes appeared on the canvas. The lecturer repeated a little poem entitled M Our Old Flag' * and then loud and clear there came from the Phonograph the beautiful song “ The Flag that has Never Known Defeat.** As the words rang out through the andience:— and with the beautiful picture before effect was thrilling. As the lecturer of the horrors of war, there flashed up< tuie of “ The Night before the Battle on the around with runs stacked bv