The Phonogram (1900-08)

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the phonogram Holy City. ’ * The audience wept away charmed v effect of the wonderful combination of picture and A more apt and ingenious arrangement I hav witnessed and everyone said that the Edison Phc excelled anything they had ever heard.— Spectator. TO CHRISTINE. Who finding an almond with a double kernel , did wager her picture *gainst a box of gloves in a Fillipeen. I caught her fairly. Then she forgot, and would not heed her promise. I prithee Ladye faire To hcare my Laye 5 And if thou haste a care . Thou* It heede my Saye. Like EOS thou art fiure and bright. And lovelie to beholde, Thou tumest Darkness into Light • - .. - - ' t a . . . • ; •' Thou makest Day of gloomy Night Thy Presence is a Thing divine * The fabled MIDAS Touch is thine. The Touch of Golde. At Times I see thy Face In Fancy wrought, Yet quickly, without Grace Away *tis caught— For much like filmy Lace It Fancy*t Thought. i