The Phonogram (1900-08)

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AWeus.T 1900 Coulde I Thy pictured Face possess T|mn would I eve for Napght, And if thou’lt to my Quest say “ Yes ** )l'id haye .what long I’ve fought. O Ladye faire That thou shouldst V Envoi. Jfy Lay sung. Yet erel ck*e Let one Word intervene, Foyget not what it is to, lose A Fillipeen. Eugsne. Lxz. Swiss dairymen have discovered that cows will give one- i$h more.milk if spooked. by sweet ujelody at milking time. Consequently a milkmaid with a.good voice coro- W4M higher tpnce-thqn otherwise. Possibly at no dis- tant day the cows may be entertained with Phonograph cppcegs^hqipg the milking time, or better yet, the prima donnas of the future may measure their relative values as vocajists^y ^he, amount of milk they can coax hom the charmed cow. “It this new play immoral ?" asked the friend. “ No answered the theatrical manager. “ Are you sure?’* “ Absolutely. The demand for tickets has been the small- est o(any week since the house was opened.”—From the &*r. ; I f ,