The Phonogram (1900-08)

Record Details:

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NEW EDISON RECORDS Band Records Played by the Edison Grand Conceit Band. 7507 Hands Across the Sea March 7505 Iron King March 7486 Second New Jersey March 7506 Welch National Aif Men of Harlcck Orchestra Records 7503 The Mosquitto Parade A Jersey Review Peerless Bagpipe Solo 7504 Paddy ou the Turnpike Irish Reel J. C. McAuliffe Banjo Solos 7465 Ameer March Vess L. Ossman 745 a A Warm Reception «« 7466 Fortune Teller March ** 7479 Hands Across the Sea March “ 7510 Hannah’s Promenade •« 7167 Ragtime Skedaddle «« 7476 The Man Behind the Gun March u 7485 Zulu Wedding March " Mandolin Solo 7514 Ethiopian Bouquet Samuel Siegel Violin Solo 7458 Then You’ll Remember Me Charles D'Almaine Songs in English 7459 Doan ye cry ma honey Picaninny Lullaby Dudley 7488 Friar of Orders Gray Geo. H. Broderick 7499 Hybrias the Cretan Geo. H. Broderick 75 1 5 I’d rather be poor with you Sentimental Madeira 75°8 I’ll not go out with Reilly any mbre Comic Favor 7500 King Sol Goo. H. Broderick 75 1 7 Ma Tiger Lily Comic Coon Song Arthur Collins 75 ** My Dorothy Sentimental Joe Natu* 1 • £ »' - - . • . \ K '/ . ■V-'S ■ .••••*•'. - ! - I *