The Phonogram (1900-08)

Record Details:

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AUGUST 1900 Talking Records 7487 Advice to Women Frank Kennedy 748* Einstein on Fire Jewish Dialect Will N. Steele 7464 Einstein on the War Jewish Dialect “ 7 e 1 o Shultz on the Turkish Bath Frank Kennedy NEW EDISON CONCERT RECORDS Orchestra Record B 451 Battle of Manila Descriptive Peerless ft Miss Ashton Songs in English B 441 Cold Feet Comic Will Denny B 440 Creole Love Song Soprano Miss Marguerite Ashton B 448 Dear Old Bess and I Sentimental Joe Natus B 443 For Old Times* Sake Sentimental Will Denny B 442 Just When I Needed You Most Sentimental t€ B .439 Paterson Waltz Song Soprano Miss Ashton Comet Solos B 447 In the Happy Moments from Maritana A 1 Sweet B 446 Prismatic Polka “ Songs in French B 11063 Arioso d*Hamlet Mons. B. Begue B 11065 Invocation de Faust “ B 11064 La Favorite “ B 11066 Le Trouvere Madam Alba B 11062 Ninon <* Violin Solo B 450 Come All Ye Faithful Special Arrangement Chas. D’Almaine B 421 Home Sweet Home W. Fredericks B 449 Raff's Cavatina Chas. D’Almaine Mons. B. Begue Madam Alba Whistling Solo B 445 Ben Hur Chariot Race March Joe Belmont