Chas. M. Stebbins Picture Supply (in or after 1899)

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List of Slides used in Secret Societies Colored only MASONIC First Degree. Entrance to Lodge. The Working Tools. Fidelity. Lamb. Cutting Down Cedars. Floating I.x)gs to Jopna. Workmen in the Quarries. 1 Holy Bible, Square, Com- pass and Warrant. 2 Ancient Lodge in Valley. 3 Form of Ix)dge. 4 Supports of Lodge. 5 Jacob’s Ladder. 5 a Group—Faith, Hope, Charity. 5 b Faith. 5c Hope. 5d Charity. G Furniture of Lodge. 7 Ornaments of Lodge. 8 Lights of Lodge. 9 Jewe’s of Lodge. 10 Tabernacle in Wilderness. 11 St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, 12 Masonic Tenets. 12 a Brotherly Love. 12 b Relief. 12 c Truth. 13 Points of Entrance. 13 a Temperance. 13 b Fortitude. 13 c Prudence. 13 d Justice. 14 Chalk, Charcoal and Clay 14 a Entered A p p r e n- tice’s Carpet. Second Degree. The Working Tools. 15 Pillars of the Porch. 15 a Plight of Steps. 15 b Clay Grounds. 15 c Capitels of the Porch. 16 Five Orders of Architec- ture. 16 a Tuscan. 16 b Doric. 16 c Ionic. 16 d Corinthian. 16 e (Composite. 16 f Origin of Architec- ture. 16 g Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. 16 h Origin of Corinthian Capital. 16 i Corinthian Capital (enlarged). 17 The Five Senses. 17 a Hearing. / 17 b Seeing. 17 c Peeling. 17 d Smelling. 17 e Tasting. 18 Seven Liberal Arts. 18 a Grammar. 18 b Rhetoric. 18 c Logic. 18 d Arithmetic. 18 e Geometry. 18 f Music. 18 g Astronomy. 19 Scene at the Waterfall. 20 Corn, Wine and Oil 21 Allusion to the Letter G. 21 a Letter G. 21 b Fellow Craft’s Car- pet. Third Degree. The Working Tools. Lambskin Apron. Five-pointed Star. “He cometh forth as a flower,’’ “And is cut down.” 22 Marble Monument. 23 Building of King Solomon’s Temple. 23 a Solomon’s Tern pie Completed. 23 b King Solomon and Ironworker. 24 Ancient Three Grand Masters. 24 a King Solomon; 24 b Hiram, King of Tyre. 24 c Master Workman. 25 Entered Apprentice’s Lodge. 26 Fellowcraft’s Lodge. 27 Master Mason’s Lodge. 28 Three Steps. 28 a Youth. 28 b Manhood. 28 c Old Age. Eight Emblems. 29 Pot of Incense. 30 Bee Hive. 31 B o o k of Constitution Guarded by Tyler’s Sword. 32 Sword Pointing to Na.ked Heart and All-Seeing Eye. 2