Chas. M. Stebbins Picture Supply (in or after 1899)

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Thirty-second Degree. Naples. Malta. Khodes. Cyprus. Joppa. Jerusalem. The Encampment. COMMANDERY Angel at Sepulchre. The Marys at Tomb. Ascension of Christ. Prelate. Valley of Dry Bones. The Crucifixion. Body of Christ in the Tomb. Resurrection of Christ. The Cross. The Pilgrim. The Knight. The Penitent. Christ on the Cross. Death on the Pale Horse. Skull. John at Patmos. Faith. Cross and Crown of Giory with Motto. ASCENSION For Dissolving. 1 Christ standing Among Disciples. 2 Christ Just Above Disci- ples. 3 Cloud With Opening. 4 Christ Appears in Cloud. 5 Christ Appears Afar Oif. 6 Christ Appears Farther Off and is Lost to View. MOVABLE ASCENSIONS Lever Ascension. (Christ disappears into cloud.) Upright Ascension. (Christ disappears in sky.) ADDITIONAL COMMANDERY Nazareth. Star of Bethlehem. .Adoration of Shepherds. Three Wise Men. Vi.-!it of Wise Men. Christ Parting With His Mother. Mount of Olives. Last Supper. Christ in Prayer. (iarden of Gethsemane. Christ at Gethsemane. (The above two can be used as a dissolving effect.) Christ and Sleeping Disciples. Betrayal Kiss. Remorse of Judas. Before the Sanhedrim. Before Pilate. Christ Rejected. Pilate Washes His Hands. Peter’s Denial. Scourging Christ. They put a reed into His hand, and led him away to be crucified. Carrying Cross Througn Streets. Christ and the Cross. King Solomon. King Hiram. Hiram Abiff. Simon of Cyrene. Street of Jerusalem. Women of Galilee. Nailing Christ to Cross. Raising the Cross. They (3ave Him Vinegar. Christ Taken from Cross. Roman Soldiers. Christ Carried to Sepulchre. Burial of Christ. Two Marys Watching at Tomb. Shadows of the Cross. In the Sepulchre. Ecce Homo. Christ and Crown of Thorns. Rabboni. Journey to Emmaus. The Lord is Nigh. Easter Dawn. Ascension into Heaven. In Heaven. Matthias. Tomb of Hiram. Healing the Blind. Doubting Thomas. Peter and Paul. The Prison. Peter in Prison. St. Paul. St. Peter. St. Paul Preaching. Madonna. Apollo Belvidere. Christ Blessing Children. Frozen Pilgrim. Angel of Death. Last .Judgment. ' 4