Chas. M. Stebbins Picture Supply (in or after 1899)

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Third Ranh. PYTHAGORAS. 1 Ancient Egyptian Arts. 2 Science of Arabia. 3 The Philosopher. 3a Lore of Chaldean Sages. 3b Occult Mysteries of Per- sian Magi. 4 The Flowery Plain. 5 The Mountain’s Side. 6 A Dark and Sullen Water Scene. 7 Cavern Dark and Damp. 8 The Sunless Sea. 9 Where Hideous Creatures Climb. 10 The Hero. Sixth Senator. 1 The Battlefield. 2 Two Horsemen Meet in Deadly Conflict. 3 Unhorsed and Sorely Hurt. 4 Esquire in Course of Duty. 6 Brings Water in His Hel- met. .fia The Vow to Heaven. 6 Tlie Champion and De- fender. 7 The Emblem. ODD FELLOWS Introductory. 1 Roses in Full Bloom. 2 Roses Withered. 3 Springtime With Flowers. Blooming. 4 Autumn with Leaves Falling. 5 Man in His Strength. 0 Man Lying Dead. 7 Man Burnt at Stake. Initiatory Degree. 1 All-Seeing Eye. 2 Three Links. 3 Skull and Cross Bones. 4 Scythe. 4a All foregoing emblems on one slide. 4b Motto—From Darkness to Light. First Degree 5 Bow, Arrows and Quiver. G Bundle of Sticks. 6a All foregoing emblems on one slide. 6b Motto—In Friendship For- ever. Second Degree. 7 The Axe. 8 Heart and Hand. 9 The Globe. 10 The Ark. 11 Tlie Serpent. 11a All foregoing emblems on one slide. lib Motto—Brotherly Love. Special Second Degree. Pines on Mountain Side. River Jordan. Narrow Defile. Third Degree. 12 Scales and Sword. 13 The Bible. 14 The Hour Glass. 15 The Coffin. 15a All foregoing emblems on one slide. lob Motto—Truth, Imperial Virtue. Royal Purple Degree. 16 Tlie Three Pillars. 17 The Tent. IS The Pilgrim’s Scrip, San- dals and Staff. 19 The Altar of Sacrifice. 20 The Tables of Stone. Crescent and Cross. 21 Tlie Altar of Incense. Patriarchal Degree. 1 Abraham’s Obedience. 2 Abraham Offering Isaac. 3 Abraham’s Sacrifice. Subordinate Lodge. 1 Rrinbow. 2 Moses With Ten Com- mandments. 3 David a Shepherd Boy. 4 David Anointed by Sam- uel. 5 David Refuses Armor From Saul. 6 David Chooses Stones From Brook. 7 Goliath’s Challenge to Saul’s Army. 8 David Casting Stone at Go- liath. 9 David Slays Goliath. 10 David With Head of Go- liath. 11 David Returning in Tri- umph. 12 David Playing Harp Before Saul. 13 Saul Casts His Javelin at David. 14 Friendship of David and Jonathan (Covenant). 15 David in Camp of Saul. 15a David Shows Saul That He Has Spared Him. 16 High Priest in Robes of Beauty. 17 Portrait of Tliomas Wlldey. 18 Portrait of James S. Ridgeley.