American Cinematographer (1926)

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March. 1926 AMERICAN CINBM ATOGR APHER Twenty-one A. S. C. Members Principals in Big "Wampas" Ball Act Members of the American Society of Cinematographers were the principals in one of the feature acts of the "Wampas" annual frolic and ball, held by the Western Motion Picture Advertisers on February 4th, at the Shrine auditorium, Los Angeles. The novelty and originality of the A. S. C. act brought down thunderous applause from the brilliant assemblage of more than 5000 people who attended the affair. Attired formally and with cameras set up in regular studio fashion, a score of A. S. C. members were arrayed over the breadth of the mammoth Shrine stage. The various members were introduced individually to the audience by Charles Murray, prominent comedian, who announced production suc- cesses photographed by the cinematographers. As each member was introduced a spotlight was centered on him. When the last member was introduced, Murray shouted "camera," and the audience was given the thrill of being "turned on" by the first and the most notable body of cinematographers ever to be assem- bled on a theatre stage. The idea for the act was that of Sid Grauman, famous showman, who was direc- tor general of the Wampas presentations. A. S. C. members who constituted the act were Norbert Brodin, Frank B. Good, Bert Glennon, Hans Koenekamp, John Ar- nold, Robert Kurrle, Reginald Lyons, George Schneiderman, William Fildew, Alfred Gilks, Homer Scott, Arthur Edeson, Ira Morgan, Fred W. Jackman, Dan Clark, Charles G. Clarke, Floyd Jackman, L. Guy Wilky, Kenneth G. MacLean, John W. Boyle, Park Ries and Er nest Palm er. At the opening meeting of the American Society of Cinematographers, held February 8th, in the A. S. C. assembly rooms, Guaranty Building, Hollywood, examples of the "Bino- scope" method of stereoscopic photography were exhibited. William Worthington, well- known director and actor, and Harry Fairall were in charge of the exhibition. Musical offerings were rendered by Henry Goodman's orchestra, the personnel of which numbered Master Bobby Goodman, Miss Lea Goodman, Bill Borzage and Messrs. Karpaty and Molavsky. The orchestra appeared from the Fox studios through the special arrnngement and courtesy of Dan Chirk, A. S. C. Here to keep you happy "Under the Coops" IN the old days you frequently heard of some temperamental star refusing to work under anything but Cooper Hewitt light. Now they don't get a chance to refuse. Roam as you will, it's hard to find a studio that isn't busy and happy "under the Coops." We think service has a lot to do with it. And that's what we are here for. No need to worry about anything with "Mike" Shannon on the job. Wire, write or phone! >£^ A COOPER HEWITT ELECTRIC CO. HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY Hollywood Office — 7207 Santa Monica Bldg. KEESE ENGINEERING CO., John T."Mikk" Shannon, Mgr. 107 © C. H. E. Co., 1926 E. Burton Steene Freelance Akeley Camera Specialist HEmpstead 4 16 1 Care of American Society of Cinematographere 1219-20-21-22 Guaranty Bldg. Hollywood, Calif. GRanite 4274 FOR RENT! MITCHELL and BELL & HOWELL CAMERAS F 2. 3. - F. 2. 7. - F. 3. 5. Lenses 40-50-75 M. M. COMPLETE EQUIPMENT J. R. LOCKWOOD 523 North Orange St. Phone Glendale 3361 W Glendale, California ~iiu