The American cinematographer (Mar 1937)

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This scene from Universal Pictures big new musicai OF THE TOWN’ shows why we say ... FOR EVERY LIGHTING NEED ...there is a G-E MAZDA LAMP This behind-the-scenes shot of the spectacular Moonbeam Room set, said to be the largest ever built in Hollywood, suggests some of the lighting problems which had to be met in filming "Top of the Town” . . . and shows how the flexibility of G-E MAZDA lamps helps solve them. With a wide range of types and sizes, G-E Mazda lamps provide light to paint scenes exactly as your artistry dictates ... to create lighting effects difficult or impossible with other illu- minants, especially in places where space is limited. In "Top of the Town,” the versatility of these lamps also helps to create a very interesting new effect. The Stars Actually Twinkle Thanks to hundreds of G-E MAZDA Photoflood lamps No. 2, hung on cords behind the stars in the background curtain, the stars actually twinkle. No matter what your lighting prob- lem, there is a G-E MAZDA lamp to help you solve it. Are you benefitting fully from this flexibility.^ General Electric Co., Nela Park, Cleveland, O. G-E MAZDA Photoflood lamp No. 2 GENERAL ELECTRIC MAZDA LAMPS