The art of sound pictures (1930)

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ii6 THE ART OF SOUND PICTURES Emma No, but you got ’em from that old fathead of a father of hers. Trying to tell me that an aniline drop would look as well as a plush, and cheaper and easier to carry. Mickey Yah, and it is too. Emma Certainly it is. All you have to do is to chuck it in a trunk. And when you get to your suite, Slim, and get your drop out of the trunk, that is exactly what it looks like. Aniline drop! Huh! Mickey Hey, look! Do you know you gotta carry a stage hand to set up a plush drop? Do you? Emma Well, suppose you do? Don’t that add class to the act? Ought to have a piano player, too. That’s what adds the real class. Mickey Yah, and a musical director and six chorus gals and a maid for you and a valet for me and a secretary for us both and a dog leader for the blight there —a-h-h! Emma Now you listen to me, Mickey Shannon. Will you ever get it through that thick Irish head of Emma You think an aniline drop’s as good as a plush? Mickey Yah. Emma What it looks like when you haul it out of your trunk! Mickey You gotta carry a stage hand to set up a plush drop— Emma And we should carry a piano player too. That adds class— Mickey And a musical director and six chorus girls. And why not a maid for you, huh? Emma Dumb bell! Class is the whole cheese. People want to see class—