The art of sound pictures (1930)

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140 THE ART OF SOUND PICTURES B. Subtle Behavior I. Illustrations a. Shrugging of the shoulders. b. A half-circular gesture of the hand with an accom- panying lifting of the mouth or the words, “Well, go ahead.” c. Shifting the glance away from the object or person to be complied with. II. Physiological Expressions a. Decrease in the force of the heart beat, and either increased or decreased rate of heart beat, depending upon other bodily conditions. b. Decrease in systolic blood pressure in arteries, and either increased or decreased diastolic blood pres- sure, depending on other bodily conditions. c. Drooling at the mouth, with relaxation of jaw muscles. d. Increased secretion of saliva and other gastric juices. e. Increased blood to the stomach and digestive organs, and increased peristaltic movements of stomach and intestines. f. Increased sweat-gland activity (as when a great deal of food is eaten; or the “cold” sweat of fear, consisting essentially of over-compliance emotion). g. Inhibition of genital excitement and erotic emotion. h. Occasionally, nausea, faintness, and relaxation of the bladder or involuntary movement of the bowels. i. Contraction of the pupils of the eyes. j. Contraction of the blood vessels which supply the tonic muscles on the outside of the body. Some- times flushing of the face, neck, chest, and even the abdomen. Dominance A. Gross Behavior I. Illustrations a. A pioneer takes up a homestead on uncultivated land, far from friends and miles removed from urban civilization. He cultiv’ates the land, builds a house, chops dowm trees, and finally manages to