Billboard advertising (Jan-June 1895)

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*&2 Take Some^pf Y° ur ©^ti Medicine! Bill Ypiirseif on Yopr Own Boards. We have designed a One-Sheet, especially for Bill Posters' use. It is printed in red and blacK on white paper, containing a large cornio face, with the word. *' SAY ! ". in the rnouth. followed by the words: "IF YOU READ THIS POSTER, OTHERS WOULD READ YOURS." With space for narne and business. 25 POSTERS, - $1 75 50 " - - 2.75 IOO " - -4.25 150 POSTERS, - $5.50 200 •« - 6.75 250 " - 8 OO 300 POSTERS. $9.00 , 500 •• 13.00 IOOO . 22.00 These prices are "CASH WITH ORDER" prices, and as cheap as good, tasty work can be rriade anywhere on earth- Try this schenie It works well. SEND YOUR ORDER AP CHECK TO ,» HENNEGflN & e©. SEND FOR SAMPLE CINCINNATI 0. When you write, mention Billboard Advertising. ..„...............«........ V «""»"""»'«»».»..M............„„„........„^ __A NBW DISCOVBRYI J± scientific f-%. yvT" /V CaiC3H I t REMEDY FOE VM I Mr\KH.I ■*&* ' pei^feetiop 5atarr| ^ur^ RELIEVES INSTANTLY! CURES RAPIDLY PRICE, 50 CENTS by mail postpaid. .. SEND 5 CENT STAMP FOR SAMPLE. PERFE6TI0N 4 GATARRH • GURE* COMPANY P.O. BOX 21, CINCINNATI, OHIO. WnraroownM.nMoHciDauooaniAdirartUlnff. -M.Wtt Ti >\, A Monthiy Resume Of All That Is New,Bright And Interesting O nThe Mm. CINCINNATI,'JANUARY i, 1895. Vol. II, No. 3. PRICE 10 CENTS. PER YEAR, 90 CENTS, 4J - r m 1 -M - - : 9- I ' -I .3 "•I i - n 1 M I Its