Billboard advertising (Jan-June 1895)

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8 BrHboa^d ^dVeHt^nS- WE ALSO Paint Signs. Own and Control All Billboards and Advertising Privileges. THERE IS NO QUESTION ABOUT IT? The CURRAN Bill Posting & Distributing Co. DO POWERFUL PERnANENT ADVERTISING. Branch Offices, Alamo Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo. 114 Santa Fe Ave, Pueblo, Colo. General Office, 17th and Larimer Sts., DENVER, GOLO. PROM NEW YORK CITY. New York, Dec. 2zd, 1894. Mb. Jas. H. Heknegan, Manager, Billboard Advertising, My Dear Sir:— Enclosed herewith beg to hand yon onr check for ninety cents, account of one year's subscription, in advance, for your journal, first copy of which, under date of Dec. 1st, was handed us by Mr. Edward Stablbrodt, of Rochester, N. Y., to-day. We wish yon all success in yonr under- taking, and can see no reason why a -journal devoted to the interests which yours represents- should not be liberally patronized by the class of people whose interests it so ably and energetically advocates. In reference to bill board display ad- vertising in the Metropolis and Suburban Districts, it is a constant panorama of change, and of course a great many items of news come up daily. If it were not for pressure of business, we might be able to give you some interesting news, but would not like to undertake to pro- mise this. An important item of news which we have to offer to the fraternity at large is the undertaking on the part of Mr. Ed- ward Stablbrodt, of Rochester, N. Y , as Chairman of the Executive Committee of 1 ur National Association, in keeping with plans perfected at a special meeting of the Association held in this city at the Marlborough Hotel, October 16th and \ 17th last. A resolution was at that time una nim ously adopted, requiring the Chairman of the Executive Committee to prepare an agreement or contract, wherein the parties thereto, consisting of members of the Association, pledged themselves to-faithfully perform all con- "tracts 1 for bill posting and distributing entrusted to them, and to adhere to the . ^regular scale of prices as. adopted by the *■ Association at the Philadelphia meeting This agreement is accompanied by a bond, with two real estate sureties, in the sum of $1000 00. and with $200 00 penalty • or forfeit for. each violation, if proved. Mr. Stahlbrodt started out some three or four weeks ago in the Western part of • the country, and has succeeded in secur- ing a signed agreement with bonds from the Association members in the follow- ing named cities: , Chicago, III, American Bill Posting Co.; Kansas City, Mo, M. Hudson; Den- ver, Col, Jas. A. Curran; Omaha, Neb, Thos Mulvihill; Minneapolis, Minn , M. Breslaner; St. Paul, Minn, L N. Scott; Milwaukee, Wis., Cream City Bill' Past- ing Co ; Grand Rapids, Minn, Geo. M. Leonard; Syracuse, N. Y., ! Geo. Castner- Troy, N. Y, W. J. McAllister & Son \ Albany, N. Y, Albany Bill Posting Co.; New York City, N. Y, A. Van Beuren & Co.; Newark, N.J, Newark Bill Posting Co.; Rochester,^. Y, Rochester Bill Posting Co.; Brooklyn, N. Y , American Bill Posting Co.; Jersey. City, N.J, J. F. O'Mealia; Baltimore, Md, Rife & Honck - Washington, D. C, Lloyd Moxley; Rich- mond, Va, Burton & Lambert; Scranton. Pa, Reese & Long; Erie, Pa, Erie Bill Posting Co. Mr. Stablbrodt returns home from here to-night to spend the holidays with his family, and expects to take the road again in the interest of this agreement and bind plan at as early a date as possible. He is giving up some valuable time and sacrificing personal interests for the wel- fare of the Association members in this undertaking, and is meeting with unex- pected success. There are many of the representative cities that Mr. Stehlbrodt has not been able to reach as yet, and there are a few people whom he has not been able to interest in this contract and bond plan. It■ seems strange tons that after this matter is fully explained to live, ener- getic bill posting firms they do not grasp the situation and see the many advan ages that will accrue to them through- this new arrangement. . The same was was drawn by a very reputable law firm here in this city, and all of the details of the laws of the various States through- out the Union were carefully looked over so that the agreement and bond would be air tight in case of being carried to the courts. The great drawback to the interests of all the bill posters in all the larger cities of the Union for all time past in our re- collection has been on account of lack of confidence on the part of large adver- tisers. It simply resolves itself into a matter of confidence between the adver- tisers and the bill posters, as to the amount of posting to be placed. And once the advertisers see 'the advantages of the contract and bond plan, the same will relieve their minds from any doubts as to the responsibility of the parties who are represented in this combination; and among other advantages that will • accrue to the bill posting firms that come in under this contract and bond plan, will be the fact that no opposition, no matter how well protected otherwise, will be able to make any headway what- ever against them. Tbis is only one of the many advantages, as before stated, that could be mentioned in favor of the contract and bond plan. Any member in good standing in the Association is entitled to the benefits of this new, and wethinkgfsnccessful, under- taking. We hope they will give Mr. Stahlbrodt all the assistance he is en- titled to in carrying this contract and bond plan to a successful finish. It is presumed by many who have signed the agreement that the smaller cities cannot afford to come in on the contract and bond plan, and in this we agree. However, we sincerely hope they may be able to do so, and are confident that all the bill posters in the larger cities of the Union will, when this new plan is fully explained to tbem, come in without any hesitation or delay, which will result to the mutual benefits of both bill board display advertisers and bill posting firms. Trusting you may see your way clear to take up this matter in your journal, and with kindest regards, we beg to remain, Yours Truly, Van Bbdken & Co. Among the Agents. Charles Bonner is with the Grand Opera, St. Paul, and is as full of schemes as ever. He tries all kinds to enhance the interest of his house, and agents never complain of their showing in bis town This season of the year it is a little cold in St. Paul, but Charlie never seems to mind it a bit and his paper goes out even if the thermometer is ten below zero. Charles Altman is still at the ever pop- ular "Whitney' in Detroit, and Messrs. Stair & Brady give him great leaway in billing their sure moneymaker. He is one of the early birds and is apt to be found at the theater about eight o'clock every morning. Charlie is considered the best man in Detroit. Jack Powell is doing-the advertising ahead of "Darkest Russia " and Manager Ellis says he is responsible for the good business enjoyed by his attraction. He is a graduate of the Barnum school of hustling. Val. Boshell, of the Bijou Theater Milwaukee, is probably one of the best board workers in the country, and his Sunday showing is marvelous in fact, Milwaukee is a picture gallery on the Sabbath, and Val is looked on as the liveliest man in town. Ed. Rising is on the" go all the time for the People's Theater, Cincinnati, and manages to advertise his house -well every week. He made a hit billing the Carthage Fair early in the season. Walter Ki.i seems to control the end of the city of Chicago in which the Al- hambra is located Walter is most pop- ular and gets his paper out in fine shape. He has been located in Chicago for a number of years and his knowledge of that city is most thorough. His special board showing is splendid. Wm. F Pagett has been at the Chicago Opera House for some years, is recog- nized as a leading light in the advertis- ing business in the city by the lake. His standing among managers of the first class is A 1, and his position is a most secure one. Manager Henderson values his services very highly. Ellis Greg, of -Powers' Opera House Grand Rapids, is a most energetic adver- tiser, and seems to about hog the town for his house. Geo Irish, who was at McVickers' for years and later at the Auditorium, Chi- cago, is now business manager of the Shiller. George was "hot stuff" as an advertiser, and is filling his present posi- tion with credit to himself. Harry Hopper has been at the Grand: Opera House, Cincinnati, long, enough: to firmly establish himself as a. most industrious advertiser, and of late has added to his duties the Walnut Street Theater. His work is first-class, and he has a good force of distributors at his back. He is held in high esteem by Messrs. Havlin & Rainforth. Charles Seymour, of the Bijou Theater Brooklyn, has more special boards than any other man in that city, and his show- ing is remarkable. To play at his house means to be billed in great shape. Chas. Zimmerman about "owns" the town of Indianapolis, as far as billing is concerned, and the Empire is away "in it" at all times. Charlie has a host of friends in the business and while his path was not strewn with roses when he first went to the "Hoosier Capital," but he quickly overcame all obstacles and backed as he was by Manager James Fennessy, he won out in short order. "Zimmie" is alright at every stage. Tom Henshaw, this season is at the Lyceum in Cleveland, and his personal popularity is quite a factor in the billing of that pretty theater. He is not a cold blooded jollier like some of the boys but gives all comers a square deal, and his word can be depended on. He is one of the nattiest dressers "in front of the house" in America, and he bills his house for all it is worth. He is a brother of Manager Charles Henshaw and also of John Henshaw, the handsome and talented comedian. That admirable journal, Printer? Ink grows better every week. No bill poster can afford to do without Printers Ink, for although a zealous advocate of news- paper advertising, it is eminently fair in discussing other forms and mediums. Scribner & Smith are piloting Harry Williams' Own Company through the vaudeville circuit. Mr. E. T. Heverin of Louisville, Ky. wants to buy the bill boards, whole or part, in a large or small city. The Temple Bill Posting And Distributing && Owning: and Controlling all the Principal Loeatlons In FORT W7SYINE. INDIWNK. Ouf Stands are Scattered to Meet the Gaze of the Populace, and Not Situated on One Street. "Why Advertise, Unless Judiciously?" Any favors thankfully received. STOUDER & SMITH, RlPBRENOE; Prices on Application. Omeo. MASONIC TEMPLE, FORT WAYNE, IND. WHITE NATIONAL BANK, V I>- jgTTbeatg g dVgffisfog. American Advertising & BilfPosting 6o. <;Tirr*ITCCnDe Tn tut? ^^ -SUCCESSORS TO THE- and Geo. A. treyser Bill Posting Companies. The ^Jr^SL 7 ^^^ AdXertisTngVnT^^ Own and control more Billboards Fine Locations, Car Line Displays than any Other Billposting Com P an£n America. o r riHORPii ^ Advertisersinvited to investigate carefully our'facilities. P un « tom P aa ym America. R ' C ' S^SH^r. C0 '- BURR ^P y B ^ N T S re -„. '*» MAD '*°N *^ET. CH.CAGO, .U.S. Newsieie Pa I r&. NOTES. HAPPENINGS. COMMENTS. The holidays proved a most potent factor in retarding the discussion of the proposed national convention of secre- taries of fairs. The Interest which seemed lively and rampant almost com- pletely gave way before the engrossing shopping and preparations for Christmas. By far the largest and most important of the fairs this year will be the Atlanta International Exposition at Atlanta, Ga. in regard to which we clip the following from-an exchange. New York, Dec. 26.—(Special )— Miss Ella M. Powell, of Atlanta, Ga., is here in the interest of the Atlanta Inter- national Exposition. A reporter had an interesting talk with her. "Already," said Miss Powell, "the women of Atlanta have raised the $25,000 it cost them to erect the Woman's Building, the plans of which were de- signed by Miss Elise Mercur, of Pittsburg "You see," she continued, "for the women of the South it is a tremendous undertaking, and it is ihe first time they have had a representative building, such as this will be All Atlanta has been agog over this work, and for the past two years the Women have been giving enter- tainments to raise the $25,000 necessary to conduct a Woman's Department. Every cent of this has been earned by the women, and hot one penny have they taken from the fund allowed by the Gov- ernment. They mean to show what the Sg u ! tn ? ri ? Women could do by united effort, and the result so far has surpassed our wildest dreams. Every State in the South will be represented by some prom- inent woman, and many of the other S^SLJ^y 1 al8 °.send a representative. MissjHeTen-Gould act; as the State repre- sentative of-Mew York. "I have come North," continued this pretty Southern 'woman, "to tell the Northern women about our work, and to ask their help, as we wish them to send us representative exhibitions in every department of work. We desire particu- larly the artistic work of women, such as P^nagin oils, etchings, watercolors, architectural designs, sculpture and modehngin clay. In reply to my question, What special plans had been arranged for the Woman's Bu J"¥ n g ? Misr Powell said: "We are to haVe a portrait exhibition called "The Beautiful Women of the South,' and ex- pect to make a great success of this. An- other feature in which I am personally interested and will take charge of is the collection for the library of autograph photographs of the women musical com- posers of America, accompanied by list of their compositions.'' "How do you find the Southern women are taking to this idea ? Are they really- interested in the women's work?'' '.'Yes indeed." came the answer very quickly. "They are determined to prove that they are not behind the times, and it certainly is a step higher for the South- ern women who are now taking a most „ v . e P art in women's progress, especi- ally in the artistic and educational de- partments. The exposition at Lexington, Ky. proved a great success. We clip the following from an exchange, Lexington, K , Dec. 26.—(Special)— This is the eig th day of the Lexington Manufacturers' Exposition. The grand display made by the manufacturers, mer- chants, distillers and growers in surpris- ing. The schools of both the city and county have a very creditable display. The Kindergarten has a beautiful display of the talent exhibited by the little ones, while the different city schools have their separate exhibits. During the week Music Hall will be given up most of the time to entertainments by the children of the different schools, there being an occasional lecture or musical or dramatic entertainment by foreign talent. The different secret societies have been given days when members.of these societies from all over the country will be invited here. On Labor Day the different unions here will hold a general celebration in the main building at the exposition. The Masons, Oddfellows, Knights of Pythias and Essenics will all have their day and large crowds ate expected here every day during the remainder of the exposi- tion. Applied'for a Charter. . An application for a charter was filed last week by the Tarentum Fair Associa- tion, Pa. The stockholders are as follows G. W.Bissell, Pittsburgh; J.W.Crawford, Kittanniag; Jacob Koenig, Freeport, and W. H. MoCullough, James M. Esler, < eorge W, Smjth, George M. Getze, Joseph C. Dunn, W. H Milldollar, George W Beale, Frank J. Harrison and George A. McWilliams, of Tarentum Goshen, Mich, 'Us said, will hold a mid-winter Fair. The Noble County, Ind. Agricultural Society have determined to hold a fair, in spite of last year's financial losses. The Board of Directors were elected and will proceed at once to organize. The fifth annual fair of the Oshkosh, Wis. Fair Association will be held Sep- tember 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, is 95 . The following officers were elected to serve this year: lohn Laabs, president; Co . Gabe Bouck, vice president; George Hilton; treasurer; John Laabs J N Hoaglin, Dr. Rowlands, F. C. Schneider' Thomas Spalding and C. E. Angell are' the executive committee. Reports are coming in from all parts of the country about fairs, in most cases there is a determinaiion on the part of the Stockholders to hold a fair this v ear in only a few instances it is noted that the feeling is against trying it again. BARNEY LINK. Barney Link was born in the State of Wisconsin, December 5, 1861. His first experience in the show business was in 1883 with the Barnum, in advance, re- maining with him four seasons. In May, 1887, he went to London, England, and joined the Buffalo Bill Show, remain- ing until October, 1888, when the show closed in Richmond, Va. Shortly after he was engaged as Advertising Agent for the Grand Street Museum, N. Y In the fall of 1889, he was promoted to the position of Manager, which he held until the Spring of 1891, when ho again joined Buffalo Bill as Assistant Advertising Agent. He traveled with the show on an extended tour through France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Scotland, and England. Two days after the return of the Company to America he joined the Harry W. Williams Own Co., and remained with them two seasons. Last summer he was engaged as Assist- ant Advertising Agent for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, but resigned in July to take charge of the new firm, ' The American Billposting Company, of Brooklyn, N. Y," which he had organ- ized a short time previous. In August, the oldest firm in Brooklyn (T. J. Mur- phy & Co.), consolidated with the Amer- ican, forming a stock company with Mr. Link as General Manager. Since August, 1894, under his manage- ment, the American has extended its territory to Greenpoint, absorbing the firm of Reardon & Graul; to Long Island City, absorbing Murphy & Green; to Flushing, absorbing McElroy Bros.; and to Jamaica, aborbing Chas. Wood. In all the above named towns the Amer- ican has exclusive control, owning al billboards. They have acquired and now hold, the exclusive billposting privileges in every town and city on Long Island. The brilliant success of this great enter- prise is attributable largely to Mr. Link's executive ability. He is a rising star in the billposting business, and as a young, ambitious, and enterprising man, he will soon occupy a prominent place in the business world DENVER NOTES. . E. G. Cook, the greatest rustler on the road is here, head of a "Railroad Ticket.'- Harry Dobihi, agent of Charles Dickson is here. He plays at the Broadway, week December 31. C. H. Graves & Son, of Boston, Mass. are posting and distributing G. O. I. Whiskey heavy in Denver and Colorado Springs. Tansill Punch Cigars are turned loose once more and are doing heavy posting throughout all the towns in Cblorada. Mess. Dunwoody Bros., Manufacturers^ of Water White Soap, have just closed a contract with The Curran Bill Posting Co, for next year, bill posting, to the amount of $3,000, to be used in the principal cities of Colorado. Chas. Holton, one of the owners of the Syndicate Shaw, has organized a hall show, and has brought to life once more Rentfrow's Jolly Pothfinders, and is now playing to good business in the west. Mr. Wm. Turk, of the Old Dominion Cigarettes, who has been booming Denver went to New York City to spend the Christmas with his family. Mr. Harry Robinson, of Cincinnati went home to spend Christmas in Cin- cinnati. The Curran Bill Posting and Distribut- ing Co. are doing more billboard adver- tising for local merchants than ever be- fore. The merchants appreciate the fact that The Curran Co. know their business and that it pays to patronize, them. The Michigan State Bill Posters Asso- ciation will hold their 18th annual meet- ing at Muskegon, Tuesday, February 5th. A special invitation is extended all bill posters. Arrangements have been made at the Occidental Hotel for all who may attend. Those exceedingly short sighted and benighted merchants who do not adver- tise owing to the attendant expense might reflect with profit to themselves upon the observation of a highly success- ful merchant now retired. 'Yes, 1 ' said he, "I have always found advertising rather costly, but never one half as expen- sive as attempting to do without it." Q. H.Otting&Son BILL POSTERS c* ^ DISTRIBUTERS In Newport, Bellevue, Dayton and Ft. Thomas, Xy. GRAND JUNCTION, COLO. (Population 4,000) Bill Posting, Distributing General Advertising. Circulars mailed or address of every res- ident of Mesa County furnished. EDWIN A. HASKELL H. H. TYNER LICENSED CITY BILL POSTER, Owns and controls all boards & dead walls Special attention given to Commercial r-13 Advertising. - SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, When you write, mention Millboard SivaliMag. <l