The billboard (Mar 1896)

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A Monthly Resume Of All That Is New. Bright And Interesting On The Boards Vol. V, No. .3 CINCINNATI, MARCH I, 1896. « HOTE " INTERVIEWED. No. J Park Place i» almost equally so. had littlE difficulty in securing an audicr. being ushered into his private office aim* immediately upon presenting my card. " Hullo! " tie Hid cheerfully as 1 ent ed, - Whatcanldoforyou?" " BlLLBOAXS ADVBRTtStNC would tike lo know something about the Ante Bill rosters' Union" I replied. " Humph," he observed,"you don't let the grass grow under your feet. Why, 1 only mailed that ad to them yesterday." ' 1 That's altogether probable,'' I replied, ceived the telegram but half an hour since. But about the new association ? Howisit? Art yon serious?" " You bet, I am serious ; in fact, I am inside of a year that will be a power in the land. It will reach from the Atlantic lo the Pacific, and from Hudson's Bay to the Gulf. My know it will be laws of New Jersey, and will be capital, ized at half a million dollars. It's a n idea. Only occurred to me last we but it solves all the difficulties that laid before the bill posters of th you .ill see them fairly falling another to get a piece of it." "That's a lie. a d-d , right lie. Why, the members of the As- sociated didn't fire ! lager. I believe, his name ia. why. I've gat ten friends to their one among the members of the Association. Look here," be said, displaying a big suck of letters, '■these are «ll from bill posters, "I am told"that he did put up a lame talk in my behalf. I guess it was only a feeble protest to square himself though But that's all right. Stahlbrodt and I are square. He has paid me back my five hundred dollars, and we are quits." " How was that?" "Oh, that's an old story. You see it was a scheme of Stahlbrodt's to milk the other members of the Association by es- tablishing a New York all the Stahlbrodt was no Why?" Ob. that's a leading question, the position is one that require "And yon think Mr. Stahlbrodt does that an advertiser does not like to be told that he has to do a thing, and when be is likely to ■ mtcaseof the'-studs.' Do you expect your n ; break up the Associated Bill Posters' As- " No, not at all. The gang that's now nningitwilldothat.'' "How's that?" " Well, you see. they are using it now d it ia largely given over to personal I see he was fired too of being able to think do all the thinking" O. J. Gude as well." lid. He is a first clast ith Stahl Many of the Uaajra Advertising that the mis- takes of Hie Cincinnati meeting will ail be rectified at Cleveland nerrt July." " I believe they will if the « me at all Why, ically, but their expenses amounted to $886.00, which left them only about {93.1 m hand. Mind you, not a cent was c pended unnecessarily. Nothing but pc tage, printing and bare indulged in. But this y The gang have got th* reins. The first brodt gets $450.00 New York office. Their incidental penses will be about the same as last y fSSo.oo, which makes a total of (1,130.00 be met. Now, their receipts will not as big as last year, because the Inter- state Bill Posters' Association is cntting down the membership like fun, and every ■ tbey lose a member, that means just nnch less money received." Yon think the Inter-Slate is hurting Think : Why, I know it Why, my iber they bad in 1, Illinois, and Ken- tucky has gone over to the Inter-State. There isn't enough of the subordinate "But they expect that that will prove a nrce of revenue." "Like h—1, it will. What does Camp- 11 know about running a paper ? About h as a hog does about a holiday. I that I predict the early demise of the or- ganization. "Yon can say to the boys, though, thai I will soon have The American Bill Pos- it will come ; Tell them it's 1 trying to get for ANOTHER QNE. ta UKCrarT la Pl TlT It never rains but it pours. Following close upon C. S. Houghtaling's 1 conversation with Al. Weber, the bill r of that city. I at once went to Chicago, and interested Geo. Treyser in the idea, and we succeeded in effecting an organization. Well, to ma' and they authorized me to go ahead and publish it, which I did. It was called The Bill Posters' Review, and lasted just four months, during which time I received "In the cas. things will be reversed, because he won't pay it, so the Association will hare to; and the burden is going to fall pretty heavy on the shoulders of the few faith- ful ones who stick by the Association to the la It'8 1 anything nl It is also said that the S. S. S. people AND STILL ANOTHER.