The billboard (Mar 1896)

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8 BILLBOARD ADVERTISING. March, 1896. THE QROCER. Profitable Advertising is which is still unsolved by ret They have tried many medii nest benefit from his expenditures in the advertising line, must carefully cm many things. Of course, we know out being told, that he wants to sell groc- eries to anyone who can be induced buy. The location of the store to a great extent, determines the most likely pat- any other medium, is advantageous for him to nse. The same method mi followed on the boards as in the he is paying for a. circulation, only a j vertisers to insist on having the door beils weakness to do distri b uti ng in this way. Such a method persistently panned will could be employed, except absolutely other advertising, is to win friends for the article advertised, and to bring the house- wife or the servant to a ns w e r a door bell call, only to receive a circular at an in- meant to apply when the article distri- buted is a sample or anything having an intrinsic value, although, even in that ease its wisdom is doubtful, a far mon effective way is to take it to the back door or the one used by the grocer'! clerk in the delivering the family sup plies. This puts the article into thi hand of the servant, or if no servant is employed, into the hand of the house- wife without causing an unnecessary trip to the front door to answer the bell call. Properly performed distributing has equal as a means of thoroughly covering a given territory, but advertisers have lost faith in Hs efficacy, because of the methods employed. The results of much of this kind of advertising have been eviL It is only by careful systematic work that the distributor can hope ti type. They are > He most study carefully the territory his knowledge. When this resorts will be apparent to the advertiser, and profitable employment thoroughly abreast of the tin just a trifle in advance, his s more apparent. Of coarse, the first essei boards in good locations; w there is no excuse, not to sa; s to expect the ad- of sight. '* The money they cost wasted, because the advertiser, after using gauged by the The bill pos advertiser for patronage and support. To be sure, there are whose work in the They have had it drilled into minds, that every method of advertising, ■side from newspapers, was disreputabli and unworthy. They do not come, er masse, and say, "Good Mr. Bill Poster, please post our paper," but they mm sought, early and often. In soliciting, it is often the case tl sketch of a bill, applicable to his busi: will do more to convince a doubting Effort should be made to obtain a tract for a display extensive enough long enough continued to make the Poster advertising is just like anything else in the advertising line. Spasmodii efforts are not to best interests of either riser or bill paster. It is keepi of The Great Wallace Sh San Francis™ for the purpose of contract- ing for the billboards, he found that Mrs. Dnnphy and Mr. S. L Stone, composing the Pacific Coast Bill Posting Co., had o The Syndi- futfle. Mr. Stone refnsed utterly to trill The Wallace The only thing Mr. Fuller could do y he also secured two hundred feet corner of Market and Fifth streets, art came easy, and within five days he had far more space than he could ul" had fully determined to pay the bill he decided to follow this We have had occasion b> the folly of abut-out contracts, but this instance illustrates it so forcibly that we quote it in order to again impress upon trill posters, the lack of wisdom evinced in It The Pacific Coast Bill Post- ing Co. just barely escaped all the trouble "al loss which follows in the wake of a fight with an opposition firm, besides losing the revenues which they could have derived from billing The Wal- SltJN WRITING. The sign writer who is after business, improves every chance whereby he can increase his business. 1 The present is a time when new methods can be studied out and developed. Trade is dull and the sign writing business is slack. The sign writer who will cudgel his brains, and offers an inviting field for the sign writers who will rise to the occasion. Dainty ns of catchy outline and artistic erp - i, describing the articles shown, a ready sate. There is no class of retailers who cannot make use of them. The printing press is not available because r two cards of any one design is al' that's needed—indeed, the variety is as inch to he desired as any other quali- The sign writer who will put in his The sample will be put u different) for every jeweler in town' Take a walk and observe the windows of the jewelers, then, with an eye to the needs of each, make a sign suited to thtir By so doing the jewelers have a practical mustrarion of the work offered them. They will become customers if it meri- torious. The whole category of retailers can be gone through with in this manner, and we are not at all shy in saying that SAN FRANCISCO MORALS. ner couM bt bill u Is native htala.-La/i Probably the Su