Billboard advertising (June 1896)

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BILLBOARD ADVERTISING. June 1896. Classified Advertisements. BILL POSTERS' DIRECTORY. Corsica mi, Toias. Pop. 1O.170 L.C. EtHvaro. <nty Bill For— — bulor. HMlilnoltob Joar 11 H-jFir.fH rtn.i i:fH,.i wallfl iwhe v II 10 I Dg Licensed City BUT , Mum., Ilonry Warner, Hanalmo, British Col. Fop. 7,0 Fort Wayne City Bill Posting Co. Theatrical ml city Bill Fotun. .Dlitrl- bntlng Bud Advertising Agenu. Work Dmmptlj anil properly eiwulud. f<jU-fvfAVs£,lSD. c. B. Woodworm, Umi, Ohio. Pop. 20.000, I ",- tuwna. Ji yaara' Classified Adveritstmenis BILL POSTERS" DIRECTOBY. Waukou, Iowa. Pop. 3,000. Wm. H. Hart 4 Co. control mil apaee, lo- ci adlng O^pem Uoo-« and^nlr Uroondi^ B, W. 8TOBBB, yuniai Springs, Fls. DISTRIBUTERS' DIRECTORY. oelSa boneat^rellable■ Eha^towlgtllri. ^ ' Pom, Ind. Chaa W. Statesman, Dayton, Wash. Day's Advertising Oo_Lli*iiaed .Bill "Po.t.r., Blga TutM, and Distributor*. MallngUata. Reference turn Hard. mySt Donat J. Iiefenvre, Manchester, Boise, Idaho, Spenlding & Gordon, Reliable Distribute™ and Sign Tac Wj^J-^nnt lor oor location! anc ^Pop. 300,000 Newport, Ky. 0. H. Ottlng & Son, Ownnndenntrnlall boartH- Gone Service, s.";^a;,s.^L,■^J■a^^g■^a , —a Springfield, OolO, H, I], Tynut- City, Iowa, pop. 40.000, .vertl*lng h* enju-jkutiio « treating and A d »er tlalBi atlkuwtaorad' Victoria, British Col. Pop. 20.000. Chicago, Ills. J. A. ( iv,„ir»<-l.. -,llri„,l r,,r ts„. ,li.r r n,„M„„ , ■ ■ ■:■■.!'■:,■■ , .;! '. v.. Patton, Corinth, Mmo. ">nid7"Rn'lW D " tr " ,al " r ' Fredonia, N. Y. d Baplda, Mich. wrga M_ fcannard. Re jetto. Wis. Henc Ibulor. Yoor contracts sollelied mt .Bailabja-put ribatti ■lob. Newport, Ky. Classified Advertisements DISTRIBUTORS' DIRECTORY. Williamsport, Pa. Selkirk, Ohio. Pittsburg, Fa. Tbe-Twin Cities" Distributing Agency are . I lie "lir .■liter PitLKbiir|; , '-llli.l.rll>ilto™. V-p- ae,«o. Members National Distributors' tsaai^ssr s vtaagsgn, KerrsvUle, Tex., Geo. A. Harrison, nailed uplo't.r'r.BaUl.t.ElMDB Hattapan, Hass. D. L dishing. BuUer, Ohio. M. M. Spohn, The. J,B.i>uoyarVo.,lIl Wild St.. bandies ■ II cissies or advertising mailer, from a bRiia bnl 10 • drcu- program, a. colon BT AX> WHITE BS. ■oa/oriil. In Md-foa, li en ptr.wsr. Du- ploy adlvrliKMexli not rxcertftmg j Hntl, JJC. *cr Day, Chaw. H., Whitneyvillo. Conn. j^wler. Nalh. C. TObone Bunding. *- audiajnfi ntxrifiSn c.eorge Kiaum. 50 Brornfield St., Boilon, aod —"'"rlegmph Hulld'g. New York City. A'trendilng Co . Hugh I Cn.ol. prti dway. New York City. Mars: D. Batchelder Co.. 38K Ma- rietta Street, Atlanta, Qa. tnond. Vat Peoria, lli, SL Jowpbl MoT"' Dubo- Send 21 cts. in stamps to Henne- gan to Co., 117 Bast Eighth Street, Cincinnati,O,, and receive in return a handsome leather bound Date Book Best ever published. POSTER PRINTERS Calrert Lllho Co. Detroit, Uleb C«meion_Show printing CO. Ano. New Vork GsaSS SSioand SScKlMtMSiri, York Ceolral Show piioting Co, IU Monrie. chlca" Conrcsponrirnt Show PrinlJn^Co. Plqoa, Ohio Coa'l Sou. John. Guy and, Baltlmo™ The P^aldsaa cin'tl. 0. Km^'s*o C w'priIilUg&i.. 7j.)j Plyiaontb Place. FoiS™Sio Co. 1S1 Dewnubln, Boson FranilaS; Valentine, 517 Clay, San FrandKO F ree P^ress^Sh■ • w P rlnt.^DflWJ>lt. noel ? L|*™Cj Moom! Chfclgo™ jf** ■■■■ ■■ . .,■ ■' lU™ 1 '™R^a^l i ^.^H* t 'n'^l M f»o iil Heonegan & Co , Cloelnnad, oblo. jBek»o, J B.. 4 a Centre, New York jurda^Sho-Pdnliog Co., ia Fninklln. Chicago J.eORer job office, tos SSpaC Philadelphia Llbble Show Print, Bos on, Kasi. Uc* Show Print. Fort Smith. Atk ' l.iebler » Mimu. "1 Centre. New York >*Trera Printing Iluuie, New Orleans. La. Slfnertlltho Co° U Tne1f.™^fw«™li'*2 Moictb. W j.»Co..St.i |ilr. Ilevelind v..,,, .„, !,!,,,« i'llot. Betroit, Mich. Nallon.1 Prinilog ft Hog. to , > hlcago ir., 1 .,it«v Co. Chicago ] \..I'^i iffiT*nTi^j^Bftay 1 *T*SSiy* Kichaid^n^ rooii, A«.^JIew York ^ :. ^|lTIqa SoDB Co.. n J.^NewrkUUPoiuBf Co. . TheO. j. GudoCo..'U-"5» -™' c. 5. HoughuiiDg, No. 3 Piik puce Wm I W J Hofc:et™'^™ u ttneicelled advert!»lngCo.,4S Venyitrcl I -■- v^m^Adjertlaide Service, iij Sign Co.. rjjs Ra, w-r,. . .. o*oa. B. 1 Mone. P y5 > loiB(BetcUI lt- . p. -kcrtt ft Loog Ad- Co. *UI K° l ilili m „o. ...(..UN Ubureel Huleil.a Slont »d». Sign Co.