The billboard (Jan 1897)

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BILLBOARD ADVERTISING. B. W. Suydaro, of I The MR- EDWIN E.' LEWIS. ihoveis a very good portrait of Mr. FRONTISPIECE. r front : this ASA RICHARDS CASSTDY this page is a very atrik. three cents a week. Advertisers will do The* For brief, pointed and terse ? or long-time, permanent displays, use ral signs and painted bulletins. ■or extended argument and detailed aground December >«*. ing ported, (bb famous artisL work has been seen in t-very rity in Am- erica. While he does not confine himself to any particular line, bis circus posters are generally conceded to-be the beat Mr. Cossidy has be-m connected with The Courier Ulho Co.. The Springer Lilho. Co. The Miner Litho. Co.. and The l>onald*on Litho Co. He is at ores- tot working for the tr. raft * to regarding stahlbrodl as infallible re respectfully reminded that he is hu- nan. very, and therefore prone to err. fee all the rett of the craft"are. He is irrong on his 'close' association also, as events will ultimately prove. Edwin E. Lewis, the 1 111. He is also the proprietor of a good- sized printing office, and between the two he is kept pretty busy. He has a nice lot of boards which are generally kept full of live paper. Sir, Lewis is an enthusias- tic member of the International Bill Post page t month, a portrait of P. F. Schaefcr. of Chicago. Mr. Schaefcr is president and genera] manager of the Chicago Bill Post- ing Co.. and also a member of the firm of P. F. Schaefcr & Co.. expert analytical chemists. It is as founder and president of the International Bill Posting Assoca- tion. tltat Mr. Schaefcr has acheived his The splendid progress of intended to embrace only bill posters ii Illinois. Its growth was so rapid, how take in bill posters from adjoining states and it became known as the Inter-Stati rpe was still further extended, and ame again changed to the Interna. : Bill Posting Association This n is a splendid monument to 's ability and staying powers It is an achievement of which anyone may well be proud. As is also his record in the opposition fight with R. C. Camp- bell, justly termed the most agre=s':ve Mr. Schaefcr is oF a genial, affable and A paragraph machine recently wen 1 Associated Press. It rustically at any bright op to rjfiy feet As it was said to be in use on the conti- nent we cabled for further dt We may be able to pre Mraq wane, but the chances a the machine is a myth. series ot articles on "Correspondence." whicb will he of special interest in bill i ■ and distributors. s4tf:rttjsini! Expert Advertising, published in Cincinnati, made the following truthful statement; The road to advertising success is over prostrate forms of thousands who have spent millions in smallsnmsin vain. The victims of "one insertion" must be by far the largest number. Unfortunately they think they have been advertisers and blame advertising as a failure. They tell their experience and dissuade others from trying to advertise. The snccess of the Mr. Bates lias started a paper of hisown That cheap and nasty ider the characteristically modest title. listed at Toronto and ■■Chablks Austin- Bates' ChiticismS.' It is made up al criticisms of cv. two years in his ■ ■Department of Criti cistn" in Printer* Ink. Mr Bates' work no longer appears in Printers- Ink; so that those to whom his writings have become a necessity will hereafter have to sub- scribe for two papers instead of one. The first number is out. The price is fl per year. If you send f.S before Jan - 31, vou will receive the paper one year and alsoacopvof "Good A.lvcrtisini;." Send orders to Holmes Publishing Co., 15 Beekman Street, Sew York. organ of the Canadian Bill Posters Asso- ciation, but which in reality is only Ihe e Acton Burrow Co.. im- . pertinently resents some sound and whole- some advice we recently extended. If its editor willkindly Don't be afraid to use your own boards to advertise your business. Always keep a supply of posters oil band, and put