The billboard (Jan 1897)

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6 BILLBOARD ADVERTISING. Billboard Advertising Another thousand were sent, after con- siderable figuring on how they were to monexpendingallthismoney mil town; then came time for ......... from the jobber, but all let- by a real tangible rash guarantee, aod January s . 6. 7 and 8. , er8 to ,,,„, „„ ttt ., mi.j^ t^led to elicit lastl«, it «mM provide aa met ntive for It will be largely attended. Not only any response. Bi]| After patience ceaard to be a sirtoe Mr. mem, both to advertisers and to one an- Posting Association be there in force, but T* T »W n < ,or other. Lapses would be rewarded with many members of the A. B. P. A. who ar siitl fines impartially levied by a board of also members of the P. L. A. S., mill also j ti the town was reached about six o'clock arbitration, and persistent offenders w-ould be on band. be expelled. Expulsion would mean 05- Much material progress can be ir speedy sure and certain mercantile death. U manifested. Mr. Campbell and * ag^S«3S^ %. '** " '* oot-Mtrod Herod. Oddly enough, - - '■ ■ ' Mr. P. F. Schaefer. projector and fou JANUARY 1, 1897. of the International Bill Posting Ass Nothing quite so radical has ever be ntemplated by the most devoted adher- tion ■* S«ng- There is really its of the open association, but, it is like e worthy editor of the Bill Poster to >t- J 05 * * liHle self restraint ilomacy, a little common a 'My first inquiries with the bill poster re as to the date that he placed the El Globo paper, and he replied that he had .eeded when you »meto thin* of «ver seen any El Globo paper Ohyes. tion, the only 'open' organization in the editor of the Bill Poster has formally position. With two such bitter and invet- endorsed the 'open' association. The e ate apponents, both endorsing and both leading article of the December issue ad- struggling to bring about the sa another Charleying not Confined situation is new, totally unexpected by strength and merit of the plan and wares parties to both factions, and is consequent- less surprising. This feeling ^^V^^ £ T^SJ^^\ your vouchers." said Josephs, and follow- change of heart means much. His. fa no wHLl wear away in lime, and then Mr. t iave done someof the saying) that I want «> "im «ound .0 keep him from getting lake.warm, half-hearted support'. Impet- Schaefer and Mr Campbell, if they are ,„ nuke „ f ew remarks about the other oul ^"l long enough to go or send to nous, determined and aggressive, he goes bo ,h siB «« in their protestations, will individual that uses the Charleyhox. to Y^\£^J*Zfj?J? at those who oppose his opinions like a be afforded an opportunity to prove it. the detriment of bill posUng generally. » "."J—' .. - ■ 3 . . . ». Some months bed the firm of Samuel r* lcl " UL 1 auiou"i . The, on « Om will anile „„v».k »;i»»»|d.,-,i. Sam... J„»ph. H Co..o«totth..ost.f The tiem. This accomplished, the California on their new factory building- since then P** 11 ". and had cheated them out or onandlhe^wVorlcCilyorg..- I have had several in erviews with them ""J?'"- "TJOllTZ! STUS Th.cb,.gwo«ld, ortl , i ,J^ n ce..ithbillposli. E «,m, Alter a good deal of bemmingaod hawing besucceeded in get a nmnai nrnnntT r-ttrrar tn ting a Settlement. "Now, I II give you j.K>for ashed for a settlement. After a good deal of circumlocution the jobber made out some offsetting claims, including $60 for bill posting. "Who posted these post eis?" asked Mr. Josephs. "Why. Mr. Paste, the hill poster, of course," was the reply. "Show me the bill for the work, show me To have an end to bickering, abuse and "~~r" ™ >™ . . , n ; d d rf . , r _, . , ... , tolobberstogelthenilobandlethegoods, parung insult 10 ine joouer. ana uarucii unseemly strife. Tohavedone with feuds an " om of £^ inducrmeots sometimes y didn ' t *■•* lh ™ Dul and accept and fights of longstanding, 10 see the end j adTctt ixinz Mr iosenlis was worrv- my ofte^ ■ in Ipil= " f lhcir previous affida- Bnta.epn.i^eed.U.ebli.dlrnh.tin.,. .„.,„..„, ing .it, , man he J.t Jto sell ,. ,7. tab. that th., had .11 been fbed.- and the rgnonant remain, and thongh of covering, of loeation wranglas, of high town in Georgia, and finally be agreed to Tbrs true story ra not told wrtb the de- foem„„™th,ofhi,,te.l,h.»illfi.d bidding in rental., and all the ,e* -• »• "»"" of advartisi.g if he ™ld J™" SSSISSSHSSJ^ -' - .1 . ._ v... — - -- I ■ mil in a i-a-n- of the rioif, "I i.tll »<.< ™aru aoieriising. in ine minus or UIOSC foU, that b»d., cb™u,r..= oofa-itlon J" " ' ~ " *" "I will post 1 1 rtr ^ for you i.coo posters; the posters itself fi K hls '- costs me(ro. and the bill poster will charge - it not worth trying to attain* Is it J30 for putting them out, making fy> TBB association outlined by Mr. Camp not worth making some slight sacrifice in altogether." bell, though complicated is both ingenious the matter of personal pride for? by all "All right." said the jobber, "but you 1 attend to the posting; I know Hie No. that he did bill posting in a certain (own and that it didn't pay—that be knows the and practical. Careful consideration means, yes. ,-, bill poster and I can get a better deal out it and the jobber was there to see that it enables us to state that the scheme of If Mr. Campbell s plan appears too of him than you can; and I can probably wa 9 done nght-lben 1 shall ask guaxaiiteers a^d forfeits, which he proposes. radical, then a medium course between it get better locations than you can gel from [*? if he has the woi^ of other reputable and Mr. Schaefer'* idea could be adopted. h ' m - J UBl s * n< ' UD posters with the e posting really was di todonowrstogetio. ^ ^ ^ u|] „ r deHoct ^ ap , n „.„ l»«lnt occurred a. H did that be wh So the goods v jave believed bill posting lobe absolutely a before seeing the nil] p- w attendant upon the for- being the yonnger, it mer. Secondly, it would promote good that overtures, if any, should eman: feeling and good fellowship among fellow from it. Mr. Schaefer is its president. tional Bill Posting As*cia- poster, went with then,, and some jodays |^ tod »* 1 ^ doabi * lh " ,he P*P" -«« hand. This organiution later the jobber wrote that thegooda were not going well, at■