The billboard (Jan 1897)

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SlU-BOARD ADVERTISING. Tkf Sun says that K. Spencer of Ma- He., unci David Milter of Mount . Iiid., {both distributors| are not BiHtmard is as much a single word as is railroad and it high time that bill spelled it as such. - The Great Wert era Show Printing Co., of St. Louis, (jet a portion of the (tingling work the coming season. Cbas 11. Rood & Co., of Chicago, have from the Schiller Building to the Deming Hotel Building. The proposed amalgamation of those show printing houses who make a special- ty of circus work is not making much CONVERTED. A most unexpected an pleasant surprise is encountered in the December issue of the Bill fbstcr. The leading article en- titled "A Peep into the Future" is a tacit acknowledgement on the part of the editor for which Bll.1,- _ these many the best if not the only association, whose basis shall be the sixty cities of the first class in America. Mr. Campbell says: "Membership in this pro- tective association need not necessarily bc confined to the sixty cities. Any bill poster from any city, no matter how small the population, can qualify by showing that he has a good plant, that he is in a unless be can show that he has a suitable plant for doing business. Let this be an organization compelling its members to wrong doing and offering cash indemnity who has been found by These are his words and there is do mistaking his meaning. He is always clear and forcible Impulsive and hasty he often is, and sometimes, too, intollenmt bnt he i* never ambiguous. There is nc isaboutover. The prices quoted in many it is instances were the lowest this fact the bulk of the business schism i: went to the established houses at about that the figures that obtained last y< Most of the circus people to think that real economy consisted in paying a fair price for good paper rather than a low pi than that, for it tr. either there will be another and a deeper ranks of the A. B. P. A. or Lithographers. Theodore A. Ltebler, Jr., and John A. the SrmofLiebler & Maass, lithographers and printers at No. 124 Centre Street, New York, assign- ed forth ris. I attorneys for the i strengthened by the acquisition of "Fight- ing Bob," a more determined champion, a better stayer, cannot be fonnd in all the craft. Hurrah for the 'open 1 association, for justice, decency and dean business