The billboard (Jan 1897)

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BILLBOARD AbVERTlSWd. line of business which is now gracing the Madera Adwhsmg (?) fences. The one article speaks of its su- i - m co.a^io rist bcin B ailed a duuiik kirHr periorily through its advertising superi- ^' w,y ""*" "^"^tlV^u^Z ority ; the other of its inferiority through ^° h ^,'™ t ,°^f a ld™"v\ n« .d„rii«r its imitation of another's advertising drap iL ihereby liking -ort iiom the none* methods. This is certainty the impression that the signs of O-H have conveyed to me, and, if there is any truth in the theory that tau- Thc Futility of Imitation. There is a new malt extract upon the market which has been christened by its makers O-H, and which is now being ad- ir- 1 5 """ SS „ , s „ «»'■"■ .<«™».iy % . .Mm- ti oiwiirrar. W llhain Allison. ... *. of the /iiin/ei's Magazine, that are well worth perusal by sign painters. IJ WilliauiO.A Villiam St., New York. To Soften Zinc TUt*. . Zinc white which has become hard rr posters. The advertisements of it are not that of e candid this similarity in names be softened so that it can again be used - aMla ^ one to ^ ve lht for oil-paint coata, by annealingin a clos- ra( . nU a mooient ,notice. Upon first see- rd iron TbU is the only . ibedj ]flys „ neUcollfused: hi , head known proc««.^but Jhe^ime white will begins t(J 3wim and be ia abDut To lemove oil spots from milk glass panes and lamp globes, knead burnt mag- nesia with benzine tou plastic mam, which must be kept in a Ught-closing bottle. A He turns his h to the other in hopeless endeavor tc off the impending spell and to try to pose the letters when at " a realization of the theft. He is n irresistibly seiicdwith it implied insult and is wrought up to the pitch of bit tie. ter ! He attempts to envelope us in the haziness of counterfeit, that the task of g corresponding co or effects I el)richiDg himself mty & mflde les3 dim . Also, can pai-t be safely reduced ^ , Mn u^gi, t be mist the -dunng the cold months? fiM j llh . like g^.™, ,„ d heBI lne On?.*?*-.™ " f buckle of this would be deceiver as be stretches out his band to tickle me under pUciog rr.>nw fur the p, e . ThenwhydoestiekJck. , m. vitv. Suuib Williams. Mara i ._„ tkrn any. I do not believe it, but tacking w ■igm lor the Mr Aat erti«tr. o phyrictan isthe peraou to id to with a linen rag will make it disappear. '•APainter'" wiles: What makes silver leaf tamish, and what can be used in its do not si This disposition to tarnish upon outside - uic Lu, a , . U u l<i u ie into insensibility le work, and when well protected ^. his svM wteatti adulationS- but u, ev with van i*h, is a prominent and offensive characteristic of silver leaf, and quite fully captains why aluminum leaf has so large- ly, if not f Could the man who (noughtuf this idea and then blackish brown. Its over shad- 'Tp'XbleThat OHo^ubeV^mMlf doc^ owingtendencyistoturnbrown. Alum- not Xl ize the futility of trying to ride inum has been for some lime extensively used by (he writer. The Aluminum can be handled as easily as the silver, has all the lustre and color effects of silver, anil ra and retains its that ia used in warm weather, when it into popularity upon the, one else? Imitation is surely the sincerest but the act; and a poverty of creative ability in the t to stand alone torily indeed. Oil paint for outside sur- flnd onlj , lnerjt can sUnd a | one i t neel t s faces thickens up and works --stiff" di r nQ does not ^ ingcold weather invariably, and it may Bu , what are we to thinfcof the product lie cut with turpentine without da mage to o( the firm ^ bi< .^ is ao deV oid of original- its virtues, provided the paint is first . u,aha . e proportion of oil Woul(1 it have believe that thermits- i'= it,"™^ul '""5 ««[»to» J- <=. a,™, j. h. it ended in the advertising workardcely, and then adding sufficient ^^Ti^^MM^^. JZ^«X2ZZZE£&^ ^^V"S»^2ffK^ ■ turp," to reduce it... free workingcon- , jv ^ ^ t „ beIie ,. e %„ lt W, is llot the Tn^ .^ ^t SSS^ ™'„TV°<SS$SZ ^STg listency. In this way one gets the full ^ b ul that the deception ex tends beyond -Am able » bin an the .^th*™ part »l -am ineam.reofoil,andcon«quently,tbetull h buaine5s confines into the brewing clermouv; • ^'™"™" nd , * mewure of durability,-^ AAMfl departffl „ t? We can only judge one act £rJ£2£J^X^S^ byanotherandifweholdthUopinionwe , iSOD . "*H ^„ 1 ^%^ c l ^ Sj« have accepted it not at our will but 1 ^^"J^^^^V^"^^ 2?™^.°^'^.^°!,?"^"di^JF, Personal Mention. rough the com] .'..Ure^ CliT. Oreanu Bnd he us»."a infer the manufaclurars themselves. Li, p™*,Tr b, (t. b D .- c -c^wry hm po«™" "wESi' The imitator can never rise above - " originator - consequently O-H can n< gain the popularity of H O. I would advise the makers of this t