Billboard (Sept 1897)

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1 THE ailBQARt) BILL POSTERS' WAR OVER. Nr^ttatioiu which bmm been qBdcil j Abbott ft AMMT-fc flw.,fin>t hhhw, and it is deitlaed to.taegHKwd known to theatrical aadodMreoM^aniea. AH work wilt be done in metnipcillUn style and with metropolilui sctivityand finish Mr. The middle sheet ii p various attractioiiB which will be oa'ti of i Mw ad ri i^ to the»Qtlceo< Cbictra- puiUi—t d an of tbe bfltbcardi^ fixtures and other property of tbe Acme Compaiiy. The office oF tbe Acme Coip- A Bm Posters'War in Indiaiuipolis. Passers-by have noticed that white pa- per has been pasted over lithographs on the big billboard at Foit Wayne avenue and Alabama street •■ It's the resnlt of a liill posleis' war," said Alexander Har- bi»n. manager of the Indianapolis Bill Posling Company ; "'the white paper was pasted there by the Hmpire BUI Posting It they owned the board.' tSi. Hartuaon says he has' wtU tnbs taiili ate his ^Imw^^ and that tbe I Posting Company. the Indianapolis B '■We did not give np our lew," say Drnry ami Hedges; "itex|nred Aagibt 4, bnt we bad an option tor the next year The stand was leased to the Indianapolis company over onr lease, and then- leiae, is, therefore, voiiL When «c had the Ft. Kiley. A Santa Fe traia, ■ Ual view Of theSMta B* «Ao* htOmat s1in« that Ob ^mt K—— rillwiy hi*. iriiidi tlicy expect wit) ecUp«e tbe Mardi Giaa and Veiled Fraohet* cveols of New Qr l caai and St. Iioms nepcctivdy.. n Ihegl A rinstcTflf flvwcntwined anndlhe Flora] ahidd rennnds one of the great preparations nhicb are being made for theFestival. There is also a raw of happy, rollicking Karoival Knights and I£arm- val Ijidies-"it takes no ghost come from tbe grave" to tell ns that this is significant of the -red-hot time in the oil] town to-night." The third sheet of tbe poster pradoi m s in the iarje* brown and Ume loUaiaorthe I tt tha thfaa AMbm U tbe dtr are to be (mlled to land tkb aid. Id the event of bieydc dnba laUng part it is expected that illamlnated wheels will add mocb to tbe no«dty and brilliancy of the night pandei. Vassily Andrejevitch Bbell bas jnst been commissioDed by the Deportment of KxhibiU of the TraBsmissixnppi Exposi- tion to work np a Ruaoaa village as one of tbe exbibils for the ezpoaitiDn- Hr. BkanhMdaJdadtoc^ UaonUUfln will be I to attend the aecoad aoasal Topeka Fall FesdvaL—Tbp^ (KesJ Ca^tal. est in tbe exposition among bis own conntiymen and the friendly Slav aa- Cbarles U. Nichols, receiver of the Springer Lilhograpli Company in the suit brotqiht by the P. Haden Saddler; tbe plgnt 10 tha OJoabf LiHwgfapfciwg Co m pa ny far faJBax Sx. By tbe terms of tbe sate, tbe puiibasei with tbe written The great attraction at tbe a at Shelbpvillc. Ky. was Ihe t The prize was a pnnte of f 25. tbe receiver in c«A to mily^cni tbe ~ : tarn of (1.580, and fnitber HmiK tbe balance of tbe lieu to ^6^14.89 and 10 pay in catb Ihe unsecured cred- agieed to accept 25 per cent. otay t9 theWcrid^ Vir. Already the wok ia pwgremiiig. Tbe financial re- . of the expodtiao on Augnst 1, MRtlaOTMOO, With that sum alone a wtadcffnl diiplBj is aasond. Bnt much win yet be added to tbe czisline re- all tke indnMxiea and 1 great wcaL Evei7 alate frvm the Gulf of Meadoo to tbe Dominlmi a»d from the va the Pacific will be repre- T Ifirnw . Rcqtdce^ In Bde* XheUnpoaOigotdiDance bavingbeen Jutlait il, ill^al by the court, all persons wto desiie to distribn e Ulls, post the same, etc., wtU be permitted 10 do so witbODt being competl..d to pay the city Kn pos ers a qiedfied sun. The ordi- qnot of a lew bill pnsteix. ~ aUmm. tUbm, k » itaiMiig Bfle ' djy Mid liM Ifcl- j H M an far ■ MB pbai^ of alnmioam The firm of t New York, says the Uicfatgan State Fair officers were re- nominated without opposition. They are as follows: President, William Ball, Hamburg: Vice-PresideDl, I. H. Butter- - - r.e W.Young, I»w paw i SactatoiT, U. & FcaH^ Grand Itan* M ay naaj. JaA- P. L. Reed. Olivet; N. J. Kdaey, Marshall; H. R- Dewey, Grand Blanc; R. D. Graham, Gmnri Rapids: M J. Gard, Volini.i. Ttrtii ending January, HeW at Elirabethtown, Ky. "^m^I^ TllZZt Mr. WnSam 6. Hart, tbe cnteipriiiBg Secretary tbe Wankon. Iowa. Pair writes OS follows: " Tbtnking you might be inteiested in the way we are billing onr western fairs 1 send yon enclosed photos of a coup'e of deioriplive ilands of which we ore niing thb year about [.600 sheels. One is a 6x11 occnpying a good comer liere in WonkoD.tbe other being ■ i4-sheelBta country cross road*, where there u Gon- adenble tiavd. We will use along with tboae aboot 300 printed j-sbeet bills, and t,aao s h e eli of pictorial staDds, and yn •ingle aheeta Utboo. Wc <l» ewr bilUac for printing with Tbe ■» b ee wood UtbograpbiDg Company, of Cbi-ago, is also VSaaA Oim Wok CUeaf^ It ia one of tbe live institntions of the I (Sty and under tbe new regime will en- ' lai(e its scope In that territoiy. Mra. S. M. Abbou cODtinaes as manager, with P >L aa aMcnl wniliiindaia, Tbe new AaOnl ptMter is gndeTopdm inidtntian. Itbd^ Topeka engraversj printed -Topdia printeni, and will be naed to a d t eilia a ttM Topeka Festival. It ia the worit tta Hall Jjtbccrapfaiiv OMspan^. Tbe top Acd la priatcd In nUrawa _ ._ __ andbJM. UctveaOadMeartlwwNM. bcMhi Oa rityiOctokar 4 tpslacMw. rdlEATPAV|.