Billboard (Sept 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD 3 ,9* «ip-|»Aterrf ftM iMi | ia U i ; :>M jMt Brfjg er's Bw Jget. (■■dKMthof August lh« pr»iili?nl uf th* L A-«f n. UuDi^ correcpondence. uppaitrf mt oat at tWpnu tkvabMvMlMdMttaM. Aad ia anking • ■Hjsred by W im (riic: Now. mjr dear, go hiag your clothes bn m hickory limb bat Tips to September 20, "T?. Celluloid Starch Compuy, New Hrnwo, Emerson Drug Ctmpany, Baitimore, bill posters this fall by recalling all con- tracts, antl will do nothing in cities wbere from MHtM Tcaaon or .ither Ihey failed to reach this 4pring. Thia more will he mnefa regretted, a* thi* firm is a liberal advntiKr and an ataOBch triendi ot the I. A. D. It is I'ith th lecling that I lake up the pen in Ihc in- hom the North, S -ulh. Eait and West as the I. A of D., aad feci tbat I have been called upon to halp ufaM to Hm adTcr- tisen the feet that thm ia at last aa orgBDintioD worthy d I c tke g In Uk Uriy the BMinben of the I. A. oT n, l^en ■ilTantagc of and ealareed to their hOeit extent 1 shall feel saiisfied if I avaUa l« hear a small part of the enlaagbV •< these possibilities. It is with this idea la Poughfceep«, K. V., had been a m mbcr of the Intemali nal Aasociatimi of Dis- fributots, as he advcrttaed himself to be, he mold have been money in pocket, as all ntec^rs have been advised and given paiticnlan in regard to " The Novelty Pinter Works " and the ^ 'le owner and peculiar (?) contract. We sorry for yon Ur. Sprenger, but 'ihow thai won't beat most feel,"joii >uld e more earnestly in the coming year to win f-iealcr laurels than in the paiL But how can we ito this the \cey note of a success- fnl bouness life is to do everything tbe bnt one knows how that will in iheenil :miralioo of every adver- I bring the binsh of shame to ■ applied to □lanyo' e representing to adnrtisen that they e members of the L A. D. To aodi we iiply say^boys, you are m^ing your mbersby a little ei night become baua fide whh each other, leani to kaow each other better, and Ihrongh that tiiedinm be prompt i4 answering all-xutespondence. In corclnuon let me say that 1 desire to t;et in loach with every member to feel lliBl in the organiuitjon we ate not only brothers but friends in the highest and tiurst conception. I believe ue are en- tering npon a new era tn tr ' our association. We hai-e ■waddling clothes and have entered uj the gohlen possibilltict of mature ni buad. LkI. us be u|i and doing. GiUofil Remedy Company, Indianapo- lis, Ind.. ate putting ont a neat little booklet advertising their remedy. Tbey employ "our own distributor,'" whose chief aim appeais to get tid of at, many rs possible. Vansycltle ought to give liim a few lessons. Gilford Remedy Anheuser-Btisch Brewing Associalion, St. Loois, Uck. P. J. BMig'ft Cn., Stdnbiouaer's Sayings 'a\'es. the bustling bill poster for hill posting. Douglass, of Memphis, wrilei that ihe distribnting bnsineifi is better this year distrilrators; Hr. Bearddqr b ta- the I. A. !>., and ^ves its :k wherever passible, and endeavors to hai " ibem jam W. A_ Waters, the advertisiiig agent with G. G. Green, Woodboiy, N. J., has joined the L A. D. and started dlMrlbat- ing agencies ii den, N. J., unier thefitBaMMof W. A Waters S: Co. Advertiacn wha cnMcM.- plate distributing in either of these two cities would do well to write Otan, W. H. Case, of Fort Wayne, the solicit ing leoetaiy of the I. A. D., lepotta that he has bright prospects for landing three large contracts for the members of the association. Mr. Case is kept busy with coirespondence, and he writes that adver- interested in the asso- »ill I refen Holshouser, of Covington, Tenn,, is tickled ever his membership in the I. A. D, He says he has jnst secured two large coiilracu through the efforts of Mr. Case. Clough,tfaeex-PresidentortfaeI.A D, faKCnn|Mi9,MewRMhriliKN.V.Mtk» ™rlljr, as Cicy iitlerly ignore letters o( iaqairy; bils and drafts are returned wftboul comment; they are e. idently on the heat order, ami diftribntora who are M working for their health or glory Awdd ^va tWa cmwd ihe r> >V- H. T. Hayes, the general advertiMng agent of Dr, Chase Company. Philadel- phia, wrote Steinbreuner that his concern had splendid results from his distribution in Cincinnati. They sent two distributors 40 days apart. Steinbrenner says the draggists told him that the demand cie- K Joseph Reed, tbe hi of the L A. P.. r^otta jfc^rW bllnW inKansHCitj. swiiu. His gorgeous of all the honors at Ihe State !■'< Ihe wy, that wagon is a work at an, Bnlb« Van. b iMllj prad of k. Hill, ot Nashville, is h and ing tbe fact that be is nolo Donat JXebre has contr LydiaPinkhamCompiny, V son Company and Dr. Kil baa several others ready t taforbbtowB.