Billboard (Sept 1897)

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The Billboard. THE HLLBOAKD New Advertisingf Scheme. ■I lUcliUi Stm ^Mrtm- all twn^r-Mk of tbe mcin IManinuMws. too, ^ iMMlnc tliat ouly br fpiod, idUble Mnks am th*y faope to bidid up a good btulnen. And be fl said to tlieir credit, that it is rarely that one of their number is Eounil incom- petent or disboueit. Still there are sotoe few left. Spealdng recently to the ttav- tHaif t«y««toc«f ■» buy pal^ mrflet m Imia^ wfc liimiil. liow' OHebdly be bid the records of each down, and when ■ ^e of gi«tt lerTice man pmved dishoneA be irai marked, . his name seal to other agents and he vas given tbetod shuald,.r. Buttownxwhere he knew good aervicc was beil« given, hftNU,UHt Uuyhad pataatdiidrdiB- companies. It proposes to crerl in Ihc high, containing clocks, a time ball, tber- Diometeis and b lot of other things. The ■idn ol the towera are to be uied for the It il IMd A feature at the Ohio estiipaiga this fall is to be the bill poster. Senator Haana has recaved 'advance proofs «f hi* own lithographs wblch will ere long adorn the dead walls over Uie Backe;e Mate. Theji consist^of a bust portiait from bl* latett ^lotograph. with ' ~ of the senntor's autograph SEPTEUBER lit. Nkveb iMfore ia tb* history of tha bill posting btuduess haie the boards been so cnnrdeil with posters as they are to day. the leal %, down or up, as i; soaps, soopv chewing i-um, . bee powder, soap powder, patent mMli- '^nas, clothing, ahiwi-in fact, e%-E'ytbinK .,tbat can It: ailvertiie.'l, ii (onnd to-day ^eBtbeboarda. Wbenyou could count s-era ''count a'ka'idniL'' pot tt s' ptoipailty bss Vluz has hww gh t abotit tlus chsnge? Onljr one Uiing—piod 'service Ic Is an . iwiai^jit^ fact that bniboifd ailvertising is tlMbMt 0( aU sdvcitldng Iti^maincd for the bill pMtEitf to Iiani that thead- Tcrtlsen wanted nanlts. There wai only one way to get rasnlls, and that was by ^vlng tlia adnnlsn 2 vd service Th: bill poMm ban learned thlt by cspe. .-(itiNc; tli^bB*«'pf«Gted.I^tIi«teiqw- rienn;tbe i«n]t'li,' idl tba wMfe they of tho q'e^t cJ-haVfag Igon gl it ajiont tliis change. Some of our readers may re- , member, afew yea's since, t appeared in Ibis paper with NT knmriiqtlr injored %bj UU where we have o gaT* dishonest service and his methods TttuMd to allow any mote sign painting to be ^ne and that thaj iatndad to p^t one what s'gns were slrMdy ooin> pleted. Mr. Eratncr wired an attorney . all tt It to have their guests coutronled on ail tides by such words as these: WUATt Not CnRED Yb-c? Well, Co to thh Inoiaha Mineral Springs. Their Hud Baths always CUKE RBEDUATISU. No Bhtteh This Morninc? Wbix, vou never wilt, as long as vow STAY HEBE. TllE MtlD BaTHS AT Wklu stilt, herb Are You? Whv ikmi't vou uan amb qo \ cur n .cdmr fro ,It:>Mtd*.so difference which way tbe 'liifatia iooked, nme of these signs were always in fnll view, and, of comae, mad* a Ug impreHion. There will be do end of triable oat of the affair, betides 'the Mr. Kramer is a clever and en gratleotan—and sooiewliere in .oa?. Is lovtad a ^ hone powi 'VOtor.: Xoni^Mq'be mtc! ■dves and tbefr patten a* tnnch at home as abroad. It is a. pret^ sme thing (hat they wonid not do it if it was not profit, able advertising. Hood and Ayer, like tbe politicians, are in it for what there is in it," and it is an easy matter for both so keep tab oo results in LowelL Then tbeie is Ptaok Pinkham, '^if any body knows lie knows," andnoonelcnows bet- ter. Does be keep Lydia's historical phii off tbe billboards at home? Nay! the good isdy smiles on yon from every corner in Lynn. Again wben the Vale students fgo to New Haven lor an edncaUon they laaia among other tMngs base ball, foot- ball and Uqnid balls, that the Gem City ia the KIckapoo Indian Hedldne f:om- ThttAttka LadfctDwuwntN^: ' "Tha invicsrible H. Xnuner ba- liavas in bdiqc aggiCNdve andin canying war dfaacUy into the camp ol tlic enenix- Mt Clemens. 111^, Is a great faeslth re- sort—a much advertised haven for rheu- matics. There are a number of baniUri- umsin the town, and all of them are v. i'11 filled with people seeking itUi:t fiorn rhenmatism and kindred afflictions. Nol long ago Mr. Kramer sent an agent lo the towu. and the latter leased all. the avail, able billboard space in Ihc place, and in ■inch a way ai to mrrDtind all the sani- tariunu, so lhat their occupants could look la' no directioB without seeing ihe signs that might ha placed on his leased boards Then BIc Kramtr sent painters BptolIt.ClOT«na and they got In tbdr .iMCk.XMt.ilimdig' Ur. Kiamw ta- ■ :biMlalttMr bom tha bum uf tha paint- ffi i^fitf 'thu Ik* owners of Ultboardi. Bidga For Cbkago KQ PMcn. Tbe rtMj is string the roundi that a wBIl-knawm artist received a drcular ftom a wUaity finu, inviting him to Join in a competiUoa .A>r a poster. Only one prise was to be gtvan, and the ansBCcewftil drawings wantsbaoom* tha (tofwrtyof the firm. He repllad aaMlmis; "Centluhui: lamoSaring apiize of i3 for the beet apedinensof whisky, and should be glad to have you take part in the competitian. Twelve dozen bottles of each kind sbonld be sen for exsniina. tion, and all whisky that is not Bdjad(ed worthy o( tb* prtsa will remain tha prop- erly of \<BK sadmliiMd. n b tOm m* quired thti iht csnliga b* pdd hj tba This Mtw andad tba wrrMyoii JaiiLs. graduate and begin to hoe their own rows tbey are reminded of college days every time they see a Ssgwa poster because tbe bills told them the story all through their college life, and were presented to their eyes all the year roui(d as tbey grew from Pmhman to Senior. Of course if a remedy or commodity Is a falce or some- thing to ba ashsmed of it should be made up In a dark alley in secret snd be Im- posed upon strangeis only in long dis- tance advertising. Chaklss H. Dav. The Biuboakd will send tbe bill poster receiving the largest number of ratei to England next July. He will travel first class in every way, and all of his railroad, steamship and hotel hilla will ba paid byiH. Ci^ Clerk LoelHer and Deputy City Collector Senff. after a conference re- cently with the representatives of 17 the- aters, which in the past have been doing their own bill posting writhout securing a license from the city, decided that here- after all bill posters will be required lo fitms for which tbry «ork have paid into Ihe city treasury Ibc liccnsi? fee of (loo a ytar .equi.L-d by !.1W Hy baving the licen^ieil bill posters wear badges the .11 be enabled to It'll ai a glance , we said la^t month we I rule that in the future 1 he voted during the e adopted I coupons inlh that Big Advertisers Hotne Billing- Many of the largest advertisers never spend a dollar at home either in the ad- vertising columns of the newapapers or m the bltlbaaidB. As (or local distribu- tion tbcy would locik upon it as money t h row n awj^, and In answer to every so. Udtatlou havatlMBlana^parepIr, ' tiMMja no nsa-of bml" TbMofltMlflau ■liaw* a woeful lade of eonlMcace In the Gnu ezpMling any artide, and some of the best and most nnceessCul advertisers "think the other wsy.' On the arrival ot • visitor to Lowdl he Is reminded at every hand that the mill dty is also the tow* of SanajNiilU and Ibat Uw gnat link ijood aad Ajerm ^fodfaftlKin*. As we are so late in reaching tbe pub- lic this month, we shall accept \ugiut coupons until October loth. but not after that data. HOW THBV flTANH. Geo. H. 9dbe 77 Ceo. H. f^onard ii R. C. Campbell JO H. W. Walter IS Jan. F. O Melia 11 Bdw. A. Stahlbrodt 9 Cfaaa. Vogel ...v »v; Al. Bryan ......j-'B. . Geo. CxAmx i^.V. 8.: ■