Billboard (Sept 1897)

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1«B BttjLBQAfiD When nilDK flenrlc acid in gUu etcta- ini; b*M a toleraUy weak MlaUon of uaahiug H>da and water at hand abould any of the acid hsppen to come in con- tact with the fleib, when it should be waibed with tbe loda 10101100 TfaU »Ul pmrailiUMcrias. Af^hnathing tlw Bmn of itw Mid—wijr teivraw «dwB btorttaid of iM. Wbcn iMjiag cold on glaai, the great- tM care Bhould t>e taken to have tbeglau perfectly clean. Sotnt advise attained water that has been prcviooily btnled, bat distilled watrr is the best Uicasoft linen rag, IbE finer the better. Avoid touching with the bands. After the size has been Bowed an, and has the right lack. Iiy on the gold. Right here is ttie slicking plnce in Uyirg gold leaf. 11 sometimes assumes a coppery appear- t dead It Is for thi* eoppery appearanc llecd tnoatly where there Ii much inTOke. and b probably dnetosnlphur. Thcbett mnwdylaMdean the accumDlated dirt off th* soM and a^y another layer of fotdoasthbtaiM. It tbe dewl appear- uotfrin DOtrMVond Wftt*i>ilebnralih- loc with o Ml o(,eotlon wool, there )• ynMUf opi of Umo CMMM tbt nUtcr. Thai^wiMWvat bo poibdlydMB. or tha aiae ie oot right, or the teaf ia sot pute. Tett tfco iMf wben ba:r <>> by , droppliiKadfopof nitric add on It. If Ibe acid has any effect on it, the gold is A mechanic will always work harder forbimself tbsn for aDi one else. U ba is one that takes ■ pride in doing gOOd work, he will meet with better anoecsa by working for bimatlf than forotben. In doing iigo* over old srin t h M bsatin nrfacts, and tbey caunot bo t ob hrt r,tta*U«IiWgM I port •( Homo niaT, 3 Aloniaum leal may be laid in tlie ■ame numer aa gold leaf, except there Bocd not bo M much care taken to have a clean rathce. No ordinary influence will Tbe so-called patent dryers are all right wlwn pure, bnt the majority, of them are more or leit adnlteraled; hence, 1 would odviM Ibe artist to make bia owtu Oriod white vitrol io raw linseed oll,^ nd halt. A spootilia wiU dry twioity pwiyJtiit cokr, omI wffi oot in- jm' tto fniK^iiUtit or tbo wMt Ml- «U OOlOO tllg ^%p rfoMt.MW. - TtebMrfcVNjoMMtot^olKHpdnlor. Uoit of colon, and when combined .wmi while ptodoeea fin* lilac tiuta. It keeps Its color well. A most beantitol, bnt my poisonous, There are nasy fine dga artists tluoDghoot^tho ooontqr wbokoowoom- paralittly nothing tbo proper pTCp- !■ prodortoif good roMdto from Ign flrsn ot' ^ this essential point, nure are various theories respecling tbe ijnslily of the wood —some contend that ibe center cut is tbe proper one for a sign hoard, haj^ng their claims on the fact tbat tht grain runs wiaarely through, thus rendeiing it less for believing the outside of the log to be the better. The best accepted way in preparing a Imard surface is to first give ilie whole board a couple of coats of come the knots is tn bore them oat with an auger a little larger than tbe knot, and plug the taola onda with stiff pot^, or put in plupof wood the MOO wqiooer- riBge ptinlar djM;' Allor Ike kaoUore fixed and tho bcwrd Ii AaOodMd oud dry, niia np as mneh wbkolood 00 jon rc<|^re, beotlng It vp stiff te oIL ' Add tbe drjcr and tbtn to o woiMog o o mI ii- cncy wttii turps. Olva tbe rign board a ftdl, even coat. Wlien this is dry, rub down with pninlce stone acd waier. Putty up a'l tbe remaining holes and in- dentalioDB with a putty made of common putty and while lead. Tbe second coat may be similar to the first, only there should be less oil in it. The third coat should contain less oil, and if a fourth coat is used it should still contain leas oil, atont ooo-ftRb oil and fOor lttbi turpa, This proof w4)l glno pomd which wDl'laot Cor jifim Copjring pi^or nor bo nado br taking ■OMO bord 00^ ood Uatf M oc k o a d ndx thMU tOgMbor toOio oooslsUn^ of Ji^. Bralb'OTcr one sllle of any ooioJUi p^er and let it aland fbr ■ day or so. It will naver dry. Place tbe colored side on the sBifaee on vhlch tlw copy is 10 appear; over this lay any design to be cjpied.and trace Its outlines with a sharp lead pencil. The colored psper, wherever it i« pressed with the point of the pencil, will make a mwk on the white sheet it covers. The finest of dedgns ntay be copied in thia uinDner—U»tlt,thooMlhHa. Havotbo A Cernian paper says a good paste for cleaning glass may be made as follows; Castile soap 7 parts, water 3 parts; dis- solve the soap in (be water and add pre- pared Chalk, 4 parts; Vienna ifhtlk, 3 eommoB canioge or furniture varnish, being in no way particular whether you get the varnish on the paper outsiile of the fignie or not. T.ay ibe picture asi Ic until tbe varnish nets quite tacky oi Sticky, then lay it on the d sited plare atad mb gently till all tlic parts are flat- tened down. Allow this, say, half an hour to dry; then wet the paper with a soft sponge and cold water, and it will be found to lift oS ea^ly leaving tbe printed figure perfect ot the pWML With a soft nv> dipped 1b tBrpentine, gently rub OiVM tbo wlMlii W'linoeotbo M^pnovor-. wish. ondOo work kcod^otit, ' The appearance of a poor lettered sign ■nay be greatly improved by a neat bor- der. Make the border to correspond with the letters—lieavy lelteis, heavy lines or scrolls iu the border, and eiee versa. Pausci.-jg LETrEHS.—Prick tbe out- lines of any letter to be coined with small pin holes, very near to each other. FUc« the letter to be copied npon o deao sheet of p^per. and dnot It ovor wUb ftitfy powdend cduroool fkooi o hkuHb bag. The cb&rcoal will penetrate throiqjta tbe {dn holes, and upon lifting np tbe pricked paper tlic design will be found npun the aheet beneath it. The pricked Trassfakxht PAru.—Take one quart ol findy powd e rt d oogor of leod; shake it up and let ottad for two days; then poiwoC and odd to it one pound of Aniwoci to Cor rcipoft d ci ili* F. V. C—Wants to know if the letter patterns so nteurively advertised are any good. We cannot odvise the nse ot pat- tern* in any form. Still, in case the pdnter cannot ontline free-band, they are mnch better tban dosely copied printed letter*. Of late yeat*, however, printers have made great strides in tbe improve- ment of laige letters The letters used on posters make excellent eiample* for copying, bnt we do liol think tbey should and 1^ oa yoor bmdi to Ai^ten Oem op. In this manoEr the oigo 'ortlstwni soon acqoiie a style so distinctly Us oiwn aolabbbandwiMiw. If joo irfrii to 00., most simple b thesqoariBgoff waOwd, which has been nsed by amtenr ortitls from time immemorial. Sdect tlw co- graving, pbolograph, or whatefW- yon wish to enlarge, and draw small sqoorco it, say the eighth of an inch ii then Liaoy ti 1 larger t draw imallsc tliem to correspond, and draw propor- lionately in the lai^e squares what !■ •ecn in tbe auMll ooes. A little practice : wSt oodjlo TOO toi^BcoiTect ooUtne. - Tkao. ls 'oa ItMmnent called ■ Hctio- soope,msdeott Ibe saoM plan, wludi'iniqr be bad from any art store. This department haa h number of letters that are tosignpaiotiog. They were all reUtive to the mechanical arts, and we took pleas- ure in answering them personally ; bnt as we had to use reference books, vie ore not respousible for answers. We wou'd ad vise all olhets who wish to know the dif- ferent processes used in the arts to get the Scientific American's Hand Book of Reference. This will tell you almost any- thing you wish to know about the differ- ent manufacturers. A Scientific Prablem SolTcd. posters that lAl Mt Mo. Any of the indelible inks nsed far nunhing lanndiy possess this characteristic, ttobably Big- gins' waterproof Inilia Ink would be best made iu any shade from a light gray to tbe densest black, acoosding to tbeanunnt otwoternotd. solved by a Bostonian. It is ■onoooead' that Louis Prang, ot the firm of I. Cloag & Col, the fsmous Boston litboarapWa, haa established 1 unifonn slandiod of colon, after working at the subject for 40 years. The Prang standard is very simple and is baseil u|>iin the snlai spectrum. Twenty-four unil^ uf lolur me estali. Ilshed, from which are .Iciived over 191 colors and 704 tones of shades. By means ot this disc« be dcBcrtbed l^-. > W duplicated witiwot« rrlginal. Tiie dlacovcrer baa triowphrf surmountable, and his discovery shoold prove of great importance. Ur. Prang holds a very important and most unique relation to American art lie was the Gist to discover, develop and perfect the chromo, and the results achieved through his ingenuity, industry and perseverance have been revolution- ary. In fact, he may be s^d to be the father ot modem American art. He popularized it by putting [nctures within tbe reach ot the people and thus cnlti- valioc and artnmlating tho lasU far good l%If'.hM'bkM. a; Mrsli^ipC'lBnh OM as tbe Iflllt. It has just been dtscovered tint aociont Komotw ) another. The paste used ti