Billboard (Sept 1897)

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TttE ' IBtLtJBOAltD' conuencTons, WW. giktnwow. €K. } aM^i^ FndDCU CMtkAn" Poultry Shows. Ani«ibDry Ubks Ameiljur^ Poultry and P«t »^di^'j^£nbn'n|^^ Nor 3D la BloomiDgtcHi 111 BloomliiKtaD P AHn Drc ^Uey Poultry Abb Dfc toil PKSbMm CisduMio oUs autc UlHwy CAW wbctalcynm OBdaiuIl O fc^MtbMJiJ ColuiBbu O NAUour CoDv^fon of ICtyom IndllHIBS* Ind CODdKC of St SnpKIB '^K^iS rT* rfTuSi^^SS" W Vm ell <ir H^"^*? a"r" difi' "^'dta"«Joiit"5S*" S«DWnF4 An»1li<HledlUllwnyUcn Srft S^m^U 111 Cnnd toigc 1 OOV Sept » lo ij Arthur J Relye^cor stc PBKoaiKu nnani and > H r Aun Dec t to IQ BHriencT J R Alennder Peoiialll* pHuia PeltBired suck A«B JBO 4 Id B DrJOjlabeiK^WeKtPj^ta 111^ ^ "^^S"^ tohn FtmSSat we IS Lawttl iliel RoetfardlU Notilm iDiBoii P Asm J«n » Sene« N'?'^n«a FooUry aaa Pigeon ceijta>Bt KSKiikkalM: Food Shows. ■ IjMtt D cbidley Horse Shows. TliMi.IMMI.MalME.MSI Gllicllllllll,0. Pop, 350,000. WnOKESHH, WIS. The Jackson County Fair. SEPT. 38, 39, 30, OCT. I, 1897. BMt Fair In Best County of ntsecurl. to be held at Ilovard Parle, Lee's Sna- il you want publicity in anj foim before the so,ooa people In attSBdanM. FRED, B. CAnPBELL, LEE'S SUMMIT, HO. The Babbitt Entry and Record (For keepitig track of Eulries and Awards, and tdoney R and Paid To Exhibitors at I^A IRS.) DESIGNED IN 1896. ANp_IMPROVED IN 1897, A Mao Who Knows The Business, "fr MMJS«aw(dHiAHi7aarWrlaOMrJ VfBiMaaMttr V i«iatw,««j|«t,«Mia»w>>rttBaig8atf^ InP-aarCaasih. K and stand the ei^esstsA in mse yon no not Hka tlitni. Fair Alan^ets AssociatioD. Ass't Sec'j Wise MADISON. WIS. GRBGON SIGN CO. TBE MANHATTAN PRESS4LIPPING BUREAU. subjects. Best facilities. Hon. CHAUNCEY M. I>EPCT Hon. CALVIN S^B^CE: ^ one in the £e1d in your business. Chicago, Ills. I. A. CLOUBH, CROSBY noUERTISlNG SIGNS Bl9T PATER80N.N.J. TROY, ILL. F. C. Osts;. Bin *wt«r CHARLES W. YORK.» HfflP«»traii(l I Dittmnor. ^ HAVERHILL, MASS. * QTEDETT Btaow Friatiiis Co.. JOHN H. JONES, Kansas City, Mo. Pop. 300.000. „ A OTATEnEnr TO ££ PQOUD 0 WiMviHwrm ^ ^ mn 2.qps.oco BELVIDBRE, ILLS. other Bum oC IMIBW boBI newspepen of tin eoualcy. Suid tat parti ciliary, N. E. Nawspapsr Bureaii, 146 Franklin St„ BmIml ~l7 a. DANIELS. e<iy Bni Posttr Ml DIsMMer, SANTA CRUZ, CAL. POPULATION 8,000. TucuR, Ariz. wnoiboriMuda