The billboard (Oct 1897)

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THE BICfeSOARD Vol. IX., No. 9. CINCINNATI, OCTOBER I, 1897. RAMPANT. The Executive Committee of the A. B. P. A. Breaks Loose With a Choice Assortment of Clubs— The Ax Wielded in Great The follow! > it«ir 1 rules by giving business lo oon-associs- lion member*, anil tii.n their paper was If, -:„■,. "PI' 1 '- cations tor soliciting I lioiiaMaon. of Cincinnati, anil Mr. Hole, of New Yoik. The committee hail re- ceived numerous fellers from members for and against the placing of their names on the nil. There was also complaint about the present solicitors not living up rnlea of the organ im that the critical point in its career. V. ' * felt that while hail been done through [na standard of service and advancing tl pri™ lo a point where [the bill posit was enabled to improve bis plant and gi' I he fully realb-e that th more drastic than that which war) enacted at former sessions, but Ibey also feel that the crisis which has been reached in the life of the organization must be met with determination and force, inorderthat the association receive from thetradeat large, held in the Hotel Bartholdi. New York, Hear Sir—Herewith we beg lo hand vouacopyof minutes of the meeting of your Executive Commi.tee. held at Hotel Rsrllioldi on October 5. and Official Order No. 1. Tl 1 c reading of the mi'iutes developed the fact that there was considerable dis- saiisraction and cause for complaint among many of the members. It was found that quite a few large advertisers JOHN F. OTTTNG. bill poster*, advertisers agents that respect through the rigid any resolution merely for the putting of the same on ita statute books.. Theunan- imous thought was, that if a resolution waa made it should be lived up to, even if such adherence to principle meant the elimination of nine-tenths of its tueni- liers. The one-tenth preferred lo atand on the aolid bed-rock of duty to being part and parcel of a vast organiratioa which did not respect its own rulings. e look for earnest, helpful support . Roll call showed the following to be If it c promise a growth not only in our mem- bership, but tn the respect and confidence of the whole business community. If oir membership decreases instead of in- creases, those that remain loyal to the orgauiiatiou, its constitution, its by laws and its officers, will feel tltat If but few remain, those few will at any rale main- the information of Bryan, Pratt. Carroll, Gude. I 1*111 motion, Mr J. P. O'Mealia wtu elected chairman and Mr J. Ballard Car- roll was elected secretary. Chairman appointed Mr. Al. Bryan as • July 16 read for Jersey City, N. J., Au ( Gentlemen—Your Finance Committee have this day examined the m and accounts of the flM Posltr and ci pared vouchers wilh Ihe same wh We End the majority of the items in hut memoranda written out by the or others presumably in his em- IVhite we are satisfied the accounts I approve of the nethods of c vying o Bill /inter accounts of tbe same. We believe a complete set of books shouid be kept, and a voucher must here- after be presenlid for each separate item, or such account shall not be passed upon. One reas n for this is that the only way ' to do business is by business methods. The set cf books and vouchers should be President O'Mealia made a statement of the business of his office since the an- llave granted dispensation to Lowell Bill Pos ing Co.. Lowell, Mass ; Portland Bill Posting Co.. Portland, ale.; Erie Bill* Porting Co.. Erie. Pa.; Jos. A.Wallace, Oswego, N. Y. Andrews. Moultou & Johnson. Salem, Mass., and ¥. P.Colhy Manchester, N. H., against C. S. Houghlaliug, our solicitor, f„r asking tbem to post paper at less than association rates; also, from Cream City Bill Posting Co., Milwaukee, Wis., and American Bill Posting Co., Chicago, 111., against the T. A. S.uider Preserve Co., Cincinnati, O., asking for cut rates and lution offered by Mr. Campbell (in rela- tion to a monthly statement being sent to the treasurer, C- F, Bryan, also of having called the Finance Commi lee together to examine Ihe books ana vouchers of the paper, The Bill Jbslen, at Ihe last uteet- ingof the committee; also the matter of the Memphis Bill Posting Co., Mempbi-. Tenn., claiming an injury haying been tion; alss, having received a communica- tion from the secretary calling attention to the members being very slow in paying up their dues. I sent out a circular fil- ing their attention to the amount of their;