The billboard (Oct 1897)

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2 THE BILLBOARD settlement of the directed the secretary to call I he Western Arbitration Committee together to j upon the complaint made against the T. A. Snider Preserve Co., and to try and settle it to the benefit of both parties. Upon motion, it was agreed to take np each matter separately afier passing Secretary Carro!! reported thefollowing b dance. 465.54: received from members, ion of W. Carroll, Cheh Chelsea. Km , only. II was also agreed to present his application. The application of Lalor Bros, St Catherine's, m also taken from the table. 1 on condition that they imuiedi- , tlj notify the secretary as lo the length time of contract, in order that same ay be placed on file. Sesolved, That on and after this date lion, and he must cease doing thU and> ' their mat her ,0. J. B«LU»o Cab not, 1 ,, Secrelary. Official Ordhb No. i. Dear Sir—Per inslructions of the Pres- ident of the A R P. Co., Philadelphia, fi 7S ; H. H. Tyner. $$'. J- McQnigg. Jr 5 ; Mrs. J. Mc •jaigg. fj-so; W_T.Branham.J15; D. G. Mnnro, $»; W. a Burton ft Co , |io; C A. Harnois, fi 5 . New (to; Sonthern B. P. Ca, (17; H. W. Walker & Co., J 3 o; Watson & Print, fii; F. Kent, I3.50; Reese & Long, (10; Mrs G. Tisdale, $3*.; Erie B. P. Co., (10; Texas Adv. Co.. (.5; W. S. Parker, f 10; Chatham B. P. & D. Co, $ r , $5: City B. P. Co., Peoria, $15; R_ G. Spalding, fc; W H_ E perior R P. Co.. $s; Nowland ft Torolin- son. (5; J. B McCnllon.. $5; J. D. I sock. $s: P- R Oliver, $3.50; L S f«o; Newport News B. P. Co., $5; A. B Jewett, CajOC S. B. Patterson. (i 3 50: H Beale, Hazeltort R P. Co., $$ 30; Amer. R P. Co., Allegheny. $35; M. J. Dooley, $40; Amer. B. P. Co., Chicago, $50; Amer. R P. Co., Pittsburg, (55; Amer. B. P. Co., Brooklyn, fco; Price Adv. Co., V(5. Memphis B p Co.,(lo; R. Jameison, li-50. J- w est, fs; Wilmington B. P. Co.,fio;S.5.Kelly,; _ " ptSo; Amer. R P. Co, r Amer. R P. Co., Oak Parks, JS.50. (-7.15;, Indiana, (71 50; Ohio, J4; York, tr6; Pennsylvania, f5; $1.75; Rocky Mountain. $4.50. Abo having notified the Western Arbi- tration Committee to meet- and take ac- tion upon the T. A Snider Preserve Co., President OUeaia; also, of having written J. H. Dobbins, secretary of the Indiana State Association, in regard to the non payment of their per capita lai iu resolution adopted by the PBITriOKS FOR MEMBERSHIP. The following applications were rr Kachensack R P. Co, Hackensack. K L. L. M. Ilvane, Houston, Texas: T City R P. Co, Cbantpiigi Amer. R P. Co., W. T." D. G. Monro, C A. Harness, Southern B. P. Co., Watson & Price, M. J. Dooley, Amer. B- P. Co., Pittsburg, Price Adv. Co., G. T. McLain. W. S. Par- ker, Amer. B. P. Co., Allegheny, City B. P. Co., Peoria, Amer. B. P. Co., Brooklyn, In the matter of the Indiana Slate As- sociation, letters were read from two sec- retaries, Carroll and Dobbins. Aftercon- siderable discussion it was Kesolvett, Thai, in view of the fact of the former secretary of the Indiana SI ale raving defaulted, as per cor- «d. tdt, if pay- ■. Co, 1 asvillc. P.W.Riley. Marlboro, Mass.; R.'L. Bowman, Peters- burg. Va.; Waterbnry City B. P. Co., granted, and the secretary directed to issue one upon the payment of the fee as pre- Application of W. H Donaldson, per request, was withdrawn. It was adopted that in view of Ihe adop- tion of the resolution at the morning si sion, then " , $350. and J. F. Only oi miltee was present. Mr. Leonard having been unavoidably detained at the last minute. And the five New York city members "didn't do a t'ing" to little, lonesome A) Biyan. from the boundless West, Sammy Pratt and Bridie Stall !brodt did as they pleased—what they said went. Think Of the Memphis Bill Posting Co. asking the association {Sara PratO to stop Van Buren (Sam Pratt) from maintaining Memphis! Of Od over" and J. G Han. had Irod upon Mr Pratt's toes, and the other because his office is with Mr. Camp- hell. Jim Hoke and W. H. Donaldson were turned toward the wall, and members given solemn warning that no one but the committee should be permitted to accept work in future from any of these people Quite a severalcomplaintshavebeenmadeagainst dropped from membership foi him for asking for cut rates, much less meot of dues, among them