Billboard advertising (Oct 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD 3 [Aad ho» ,>f Chicago; and. I1»e A iiiK Co.. of Oak Park; an ni.ll Posting Co., of Eva lo escape is a mystery. Accordinj ports, thev are as deep in the Dim others are in the mire.) The list of delinquents is something y«*y nf anv consequence in the union among ihcm being Lexington, Ky. (Ramsey): New Haven. Conn. (Pratt), and Erie. Pa (Stahlbrodt) Mr. Campbell was sharply taken to task for failing lo report to the committee just how much money the official organ has dropped since the annual meeting in July, and warneil that unless he does better in the future the publication will be stopped. Hob, who has been for a long time look- ing for a good excuse lo jump from under. jolly old Hole was called upon to plain why he dared toast a hill poster to cut a rate, and was warned not to do it again. The H.-O.Co., who employ Van Beuren ft Pratt in New York to build their boards and to post their paper, were put upon the black list, and members notified that any one caught in the act of posting H.-O. will be at once beheaded. This is not to apply to those members who may rule contracts with H.-O. outstanding— j Ml I AND HE KICKS HARD. I. J, I s. bill amine Paterson. N. J., is this day dis- solved. C. J. Hicks, settle* (Signed) C.J. Hicks. The business will b? continued at same address by the Paters in Bill Posting, Ad- vertising and Sign Painting Co., a cor- jioraiion organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey. (Signed) O. J. Gude, President. — { ned) F. F_ TOCS, Secretary. jn.N.j.. Oct. 1,1897. INCORPORATED Under the Uwi of the State ot New York-The A. B. P. A. Geb ia Line. There was incorporated with the Secre- tary of State yesterfay the Associated Bill Fos-ers of the ITnilill States aurj Canada, which will have its principal of- fice in New York city. The association is formed for the purpose trade and commerce among the bill post- ers of the United States and Canada, to reform abuses relative lo the trade and to secure freedom from unjust or unlawful exactions, fts directors are James F. O'Mealiai of Jersey City; J. Ballard Car- roll, of Albany: Alfred Bryan of Cleve- land; George M. Leonard, of Grand Rapids. Mich.; Samuel Pratt, Edward A. Stahlbrodt and Oscar J. Gude, of New York city . ', Henry E Stoops is one.of the most en- terprising bill posters in the country. About three years ago be hail made for bis business the finest bill posting wagon in the country. Every theatrical manager lhat came to town had somelhinglosay about that wagon, and the AWAaVr,a theatrical paper, gave the wagon a half column. But this time Harry has ontdone himself. He has got s mething new. It is a bicycle bill posting tandem. About ind he is full 1 the stieets. The a good thing when they see it, are the 0 take advantage of it. The front 1 the regular tandem for two men, te rear part is the thing. It is :vto wheels wilh a tongue, which is attached lo the tandem. The bed is made in the s^ape of a box with a sharp pointed roof The sides are filled with advertising. The inside is made imo three compartments, in which is placed the two bucke s and the supp'y of paper. Under the bo'tom of this psrt of 11 is on the si GUDE IN PATERSON. He Has Bought Oat Hicks. ibont bill posting. Th- M play Minneapolis II posler, but not with. anything about bill Rineling did -*— the city bill p. . ... en; in fact, not by a long shot number of Tfb Billboard i$ manifest, as witness from California: O.JEHU GUDE. The Gnat New York: Advertiser Surpru*. the Natives with His Horsemansbip. John Mulvihill, the well known bill posler, in St. Joseph, Mo., was fatalli injured from the effects of a blow struck by Frank Dix. The blow was delivered Scott, of St. Paul, and Breslauer, of Minneapolis, are having a merry war with George J. Sherer, the sign man. They are cutting down each others boards. The The following officers were elected: President, F, \V. Jenfcs, of Elgin; vice- president, George Benderman, of Jolkt, urer. R. C. I tire Committee, Boru Marvin, of Auron; I.on Roley, of Pana, and A. W. Retter, of All the poster printers read The Rill- Every advertising agent reads The a stretcher. There they packed him on a car and shipped him to the Magno Mud Cure and Liihia Water Baths at Indiana Mineral Springs, and a struggle began between gout and Magao-Mud. That was about three weeks ago, and last week W.J. Champion, the Chicago ear man, came down to see sick Brother Gude, and be in at the death When the train arrived at the C. Sc. E. I. station, the be corner, its foor big dapple grays the bor, bunch of very picture of a real-thing four-in-hand whip. The bugle sounded, the four big horses sat upon their haunches, the driver whirled a figure eight with his lash and and caught the loop on his whip stock. "Hello, Champ!" be cried cheerfully. It was O. Jehu Gude, the healthiest, over the pike. The Maguo-Mud did it in combination wilh a life of us the Hoosier hills. "My Goodness," "but your competitors in New York' will be disappointed. They've all got yon booked for a funeral." Mr. Gude left for hose Friday, in ro- bust health, intending, however, to stop over in Chicago, and make some of his rivals(hehasno™imies) feel bad. The reputation he left behind him at the springs is fair enongh for one of hta youthful spirits, but there is a blot on the escutcheon, if the story be true, that Mr. Gude, in company with some local talent of doubtful reputation, indulged in the questionable "and brutal sport of badger fighting.— Attica (/W.) Afeaa. The hand.— Cftatlanooga Times. Those newspapers that are still sawing away on llie story that Ringling Bros, played Minneapolis without billboards are respectfully notified herewith that Hie I he" gentlemen from Baraboo will give If the Ringlings did not have up more O. JEHU GUDE.