Billboard advertising (Oct 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD The Billboard. 17 East Eighth Stmt, Cinejurmt, O., u. S. A. ore protection, we fear that their efforts will prove futile. There are agreat num- ber of bill posters in the association who believe in encouraging solicitors and in- earn the gratitude of advertisers, agents and bill posters alike. ts per agate line; fopv for twenly-Btlh of the m ......tu-M , v ■„.'., , OCTOBER lit. This year's Executive Committee of will give a commission to a recognized, bona fide solicitor, whether it is sanctioned by the associaliou or not. They have done so in the past, and we violate no confidence when we state that they will continue to do so in the future. Especial!)* is this true of opposition cities. The members in such cities, very wisely, are standing in with the solicitors, both .official and independent. 4 The action of the committee has excited considerable opposition already,, but it is not lifcety that those who oppose the measure will unite against them. They will probably simply be ignored and gradually allowed During the past two months we have conducted an experiment in posting. We CHICAGO. Thomas Qtotck, vice-president of the Chirago Board of Education and sign ad- vertiser, has brought suit against the Times-Herald for fso.cco for libel. The suit arises out of a story printed a month ago in the Times-Herald, containing affidavits charging Mr. Cuiack, as a tnrrn- ber of the Schcol Board, with being in Hie pay of a boot company, and that he had derived profits from the earnings of OUR VOTING CONTEST. ■ Interest in our voting contest is increas- ing with every month. Mr. Isaac Mouk, of Peoria, jumps into the lead with this issue, just topping Mr. Geo. Siebe, or San Francisco, who was on the top last month. The priie is worth st-'iving for. \ trip to Europe is not given away every day. This, coupled with the fact that the re- cipient has beeu commissioned hy his fellow-craftsmen in America as the most popular bill pos'.er in America, makes the appointment a most enviable one. issue, the ted Bill then the course decided upon by the com- mittee at its recent meeting at the Bar- tholdi Hotel in New York will be bene- ficial Two of the solicitors of the othe One advertising a cigar, au- a ram and the third a chewing gum. 10,000. The results ob- tained surpassed the wildest expectations of ourclients. They were good in large citifs, 1ml they were belter in the towns, and, strangely enough, beat iu the vil- lages. In these latter we found the field No one bad posted them to any paper went up it stirred things up in a lively and effectual manner. The ronderfnL Sales were quadrupled in every instance, and in many increased tenfold, and this despite wards and wretched service. - The futer-Ocsau is responsible for the following: The West Side Park Commissioners have agreed to act in concert with those of Lincoln Park for the pass'ge of an ordinance prohibiting the erection of large bill boards within 1,000 feet of the approach to any of the parks. We believe that the public will be found on the side of the commissioners. The parks are pleasure places, but they me pleasure places in which the" esthetic sense is educated. Nearly all the colored lithographs or paintings on billboards are eousty vulgar. The world of trade is with us in quite sufficient degree ; it surely may be excluded with "charily to all, with malice to none," fiom places into which nothing that is not recreative, noth- ing that is not beautiful, nothing that is not foimative of correct laste ought 10 poster iu America to attend. We intend to send hiui in first-class style, paying all his expenses there and return The only condition we make is that he must receive the largest number of votes. h vote must be on the following coupon, clipped from a copy of this paper: if r bill I and he sbou'd be our ambas- sador to the convention of of the British Bill Posters and when the the streets and that easily is blown from for The Billboard, (1.00 policy, the application of several solicit ors were rejected- While there can be no question of the consistency of this course, the wisdom of such a. policy is very doubt- ful. Surely the: bill puslera of this of. ing' .16 a-3 p quate to cover cost of '.apportionment and distribution. In" other words, if a solicitor desired to advertise small towns and vil- lages exclusively,- he would have to have iSper. adopted before the small towns dleman. Until the agents'take up the hamlets, bill posting wiIUangnisli therein, and service continue to be a reproach to the craft. If the Extensive Committee wiH take this matter up with the vigor ing this course, aims to afford the solicit- and firmness that characterized their re- of the bill posters JOHN F. OTTING. Mr Otting was born in Newport, Ky.. in lSjq, and has been in the bill posting business since 1SJ0, In his youth he (tamed the Stone cutting business serving the full term of apprenticeship, and past- ing bills at night for his father, G. H. Otting Iu 1S70, when Mr. Oiling first engaged in bill posting, there were no boards in Newport, and it is one of his early recol. lections, that they were so green when they got the first job, the only place they could think of to post on, was the ferry house at the landing, although there were lots of good fences and barns. The first boards erected in Newport were put up by a circus called "The Big Ten-Cent Tent Show." Opposition has started in Newport sev- eral times, but in each case Mr. Otting has come out first best- In itWj he bought a half interest in the business from bis father, and then bought out the last opposition they have bad. Active hustling among the local busi- HOW THEY STAND. The standing of the various contestant: ip to going to press waa as follows, viz Isaac Monk 91 Geo. H. Seibe tti Geo. M. Leonard 21 R. C. Campbell . .11 H. W. Walker 19 Jas. F. O'Melia ij Jas. A. Curran ij Bdw. A. Stahlbrodl .10 svr 1 Geo.Castner fi J. Ballard Carroll 7 E.CDonnelly 7 Frank Fitzgerald. .... 7 Albert Weber 7 Jas. H. Staats 6 J-J- Plynn ;.. 5 P. P. Oliver 5 P. F. Scbaefer 3 John G. Reese 1 L. H. Ramsay : .. 1 Under our arrangement with tbe Anier icau News Company, 1 HI BILLBOARD b supposed to be on sale at all u< Patrons unable to secure it will | notify us, giving place and date. E. C. Barnes, manager of The Southern Bill Posting Co., of Knoxville, Ten 11 , was recently presented, by his wife, «itb with a daughter. t very profitable. Each year sees wry si bslautial additions to Mr. Otting'a list of boards. Toledo's first and original hill i*sler, Thomas Doyle, died in that city and was buried September 13d. Mr. Doyle WU for 4s yesrs a rulerat the Blade Printing anil Paper company. He was nearly Kr> years old, ami had only ceased aclivc ill a year and a hatf ago. Mr.