Billboard advertising (Oct 1897)

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THE BtLLBOARt) Signs * Sign Painters K, PiclcrrillKtoil, Ohio, jaclies more sign painters trade journal of its kind le heat sign painters are While newspapers in general nave l«ei crying haul times, tlie trade journal! have atom! shoulder to shoulder trying ti Pot crimson, red tinted with Mack, S i; for brown, black and red, 3102; ■green, yellow and blue, ! to l; for pur- !, blue and red, 3 to 3; for vermilion, ender, while, blue ami red, K, 3. r; for buff, yellow an.l white,.3 10 1; straw, yel- low and while, 1 lo I; fire, yellow anil red a to 1; gold, yellow and white. 5 to 1; silver, steel anil, glass, white ami black, 10 lo 1; marble, white and bine, 30 lo i; pure wfai-e, while ami blue, S o to 1; flesh color, white, blue and red, 50, 1, S ; flesh (sallow), while, yellow and red, 50. I, 6; lips and cheeks, while ami red. 1 to 1: whites of eyes, while and blue, so to 1; black hair, black and red, 2 10 1; brown hair, black, yellow, red, 2, 1, 1: golden hair, black, yellow, while, r; 5, 3; light Itie country: Times are getting belter every day, and it is no use for any news paper 10 deny it. If Ihey would put Iheir shoulder to the wheel, as they ought to do. ami not be continually trying lo wheedle themselves into politics, hard limes would disappear as if by magic, . It is the duly of every American citizen, particularly mechanics and laboring men. 10 make the best of what is sel before them. He foils to do bis duly when he mity bowler. boiling point, 4 ounces of pure guM aniini; have your animi reduced lo a fine powder, and add it little by little until you have it ail in; give time to dissolve, continually stirring until it is of the con- sistency of tar; strain through a piece of silk into a bottle and keep well corked; thin to a working consistency wilh turps as warited. for use. mixing thoroughly. Nearly nu"tbe other sizes will not stand the luster. published on sign pointing; hence we in- vite.a free and full di,cussiou by our readers of any and all subjects of interest to sign painters. Any description of any new way of doing work, or of any device that facilitates labor, will be thankfully received and published on its merits. We will nut publish your name or address if recjueaunl not 10 do so. Now, there is A New WAV to Gild on Glass.— The fbiwierf Magazine »»>**, quoting weary: Coat the places lo be gilded thinly with 1 boras solulion; lay the gold leaf on this and presMlown well and uniformly with cotton wool. Now heat the gloss over a spirit name- until the borax iiirlls, and al- low 10 COol off. If the glass is to be decorated wilh gilt letters or designs, paint the places lo be gilded with a water glass solution of 40 0 , lay on the gold leof and press down uniformly. Then heat the object to 86° Fahr , so thai it dries a little: sketch the letters or figures on w ilh a lead pencil, erase the superfluous gold and allow the article lo dry completely at A SlIUSTITUTB FOR Timg OH Fl.AKB WHITE.—Take scan of white lead, scrape it out in a can of alwut twice the size of the can of lead. Fill this wHfa turpen- tine and mix thoroughly. The white lend, after standing a few days, will seltle lo the bottom. The turpentine and oil may then be poured off. and the lead used by thinning with turpentine lo paint A few inquiries have been received ask- Iftg for rules for mining tints suitable for bulletin painting. If the primaries, red, 10 1: water (river), white and blue. 6 lo y (no.nda;). while ami blue. 1 to 1; y (suusei). while, blue and red, 1. ». 1; ihogani. black and red. 1 to S: oak, Haw and whit'.a to 1. Imitation India Ink.- Hereisacheap substitute for India ink, which does abuul as well as the pure ink : Take common black writing fluid, stir in some finely powdered guu powder ; to this mixture add a little gum camphor, cut 'with al- cohol as much as it will cut. It may be reduced with waier same as India ink. 1 let think pear well in prim, we will, at your Re- quest, rewrite itaud putitinapresentable shape; so don't let thai wurrj- you. Just give us a brief and clear statement in simple language, and we will fix il for you. Tlia'fs what we are paid for How. Dial is, u L , prni,, t as possible; t will The KVjV™ I\„.iL-, substitutes, as they ni usually made of a mix resin spirit and benzol arymg pro- s added turpentine, namely. 10 drop a small quun- tity on white paper, when it will oil evap- orate if the turpentine is pure, is not altogether iufallable, because some of the substitutes will net in precisely the same manner. Th™, however, that ore mode wilh resin spirit ami petroleum oil In most cases leave a greasy stain behind, give a clear understanding of whit you wish to write about. A great many re- fuse to write for fear of criticism We will guarantee our correspondents that no personal criticism or anything of a knock-down character will be printed. Billboard is not published on He "smart alick"'plan, but is published for the purpose of getting at the facts con- nected with each of its various depoit- A Nat* Way to Pi re Off Old Paint. —I have used the following method ([uile successfully : Thin turpentine with gas- oline, ami spread ii on the o il paint to he burned off ; allow a few minutes for the gasuliiic lo evaporaie. This leaves a thin coating of turpentine. Touch a match to this, and the paint will become sufficient! v ao exhc^ir. ,oe man «ui snow inrougti the lead in a few hours, and eventual!, will become perfectly black and appears as if there had beeo no while paint used at all. We are sorry thai we cannot offer any remedy that will overcome the diffi- culty ; that is, a remedy cheap enough that there will be tome profit in the work. Shellack, or any of the alcohol varnishes, will prevent the action of the acids in the asphaltum roof paint from reacting ou the white paint, but they are too costly for so large a sign as he wishes to make. We corresponded with seve al 1 the subject, but so far there are none that have overcome the diffi- culty so that Ihey may insure it in every . In fact, w ■--- - ence. hut he says they * Possibly the high altitude of Irs oil may be partly responsible for the vagcry. The roof paint in question is with benzine. This ism lion, aa sign painters are frequently called upon to put signs on roofs thai are painted with asphaltum paint, and we have never been able, nor have we knowle Ige of any piinter who claims to have overcome the difficnliy without using a spirit varnish. After many experiments our corre- S]iondent thinks be has succeeded in solv- ing the problem. He first washes the space with a sirong solution of blue vitrol and water, claiming that this reacts on the acida in Ihe asphaltum roof paint in such a way aa to prevent the black from showing through. Then he nsea a heavy mixture of white lead.'gloss oil and whiting. He says Ibis gives a beauli ful orange. He thinks by washing two or three times with vitrol the white color may be preserved. Another gentleman, lo whom I sub- milled the question, thinks that to cover the space with water glass solution, "then pui the white paint 00 this, will do Die " - in an old copy of hue by different manufacturers, then specific rules might be devised for mixing colors; but ni they are uol, it is impossi- ble lo make a att of rules which will leulial lo good work, 1 finer they ale ground Hie smoother t work and Ihe more tostin^ the lesuli vartii«H is Ihe main an. Kcmenitier this. s tack the ihe buiued naiot » ciwling. This it a t than by using pure lurpenlioe. The thicker the paint Uie more turpentine and less gasoline ie<[uireri. U ilb a liiile prac- that you can burn paiul off and have no black, mixed in boiled oil with Japan: dryer, will, when the while lead is ap- plied in two heavy coats, bold it secure. The difficulty is not because of the black color of the paint, but of tbe chemical action of tbe acids in the roof paint on the white lead. If any of our readers have succeeded in overcoming the difficulty, the sign paloling sulBcribera will feel thankful lo them for publishing their method. We also invite a discussion hyunr eicbaoges. particularly Pointing and Decorating, as it is a very important question to the ad. .particularly to tbe 1 majority of Urge table is based on Mnsury's colors. If it !« desired to make them darker or lighter, light or dark paint should lie added in 1 ihe desired hue is the Ion followiu -. of 11 rill never lose it* luster on Ibis size; Take t pound of pure drying oil, put it in a metal pnt wilh a cover; slowly add to this, after it haacome to almost a. Answers to Correspondents. Our rule is not lo mention the address ol correspondents, but in this | articular in.taiice we do so for a reason which we herein explain. A sign painter of (."ripple Creek, Col., has been having 1 II is b mvneof graphite paioi. but there is not a panicle of graphite (..lack lead) in It Asphalt am roof paint always carries the smell of coal tar with it. ami turpentine Corsica it. publishing tisiugsign