Billboard advertising (Oct 1897)

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i TUB fiULBOASD W. H. Case, soliciting ircrrtsry of the I. A. D.. r.ports business goal His new Icii lm adve-tiseis hi the United Slain is patrons. C«se does all the railroad ™ik at Fort Wayne. Ind. Geo. W. VansycUe made h trip to Clii^ rim. a.tnJB-usiUlfcxJvk*. Attorney Alexander Yoong and W, R. Cottrill. the retired bill poster, are ir.nV ing arrangements for * gold mining expedi. tiou lo Alaska in the spring. Tbey aie u-orking upon a scheme which contem- iningof the bed of the Yukon their belief that the bed of The Power of Organization. To the thoughtful mind it would seem that tbe march of civilization emphasizes one very important fact, namely: That as the human race advances toward tbe higher stratas of civilized life the indi- which we collectively hooi. Let us one and all, hoTJmg as it were the key which will unlock the flood- gates of one of the highest ideals of a business enterprise, seek to strengthen our ranks with the noblest and best of Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 6, li lationof all the H ig assertion is a brief com- i of philosophic farts. They 'it that if the individual rights of any class of men are to be pro- The International Association of Ms- tribntois is now a successful organization —an accomplished fact. Its members have succeeded in establishing themselves and their association on a firm basis. They have won tbe appreciation and con- fidence of advertisers, and they are now beginning to reap the reward of their Last month they made the first pay- vice act. McLaughlin, of Cripple t while a member of the organization, col- lected for service which he failed to ren- der. The Dr. Miles' Medical Co., of >he sufferers. Thty amount of their loss, Mr: rV. go by we will have a good big list of 1. A. D. members. W. H. S. says that all tbe boys are satisfied to pay the Dr. Miles claim; that is one reason I am giving v our members the preference. I always f^el safe to place my work in their hands. H. T. Hayes, General Manager Adv. The Dr. Chase t o." "Thanks for sending us the list of dis- tributors, as we intend to place our work with members of a reliable ■ Co., per Hunt." . my letters promptly- most ot lliein are terrible slow. H. T. Hayes, General Manager Adv. Dr. Chase prolific source of gold than any yet dis- covered in the land of ice and snow. They will not attempt to dredge or shovel up the bottom of tbe river, as many have proposed, but will go about it in a more thorough and systematic manner. Their scheme contemplates the con- boat equipped with a cais- son, modeled after those used in finding bed rock for the foundation of bridge piers. On tbe presumption that the free gold lies hidden at the bottom of the river dollars could be cleaned up in that man- When wintefcomes the party could pull out of the country and run down lo San Francisco with a paltry (50,000,000 or ( on board. Mr. Young is of the opinion that the son method is the only practicable for mining in the bed of the Yukon r. All other schemes which have in w the dredging of the river he consid- m as theli ci ation of Distributors to 1 if t this particular branch of outdoor publicity upon a higher plane than ever attained before. Among fulL of the incident. The Dr. Miles Medical Co., through its Beardsley, accepted the 1 for their loss, bat in the following grace- ful letter to the secretary donated a like 1 theTissodation: F 8. .8,7- hit the spot," said Mr. Y'oung to a re- porter. -Inthe first place, a dredge boat will not reach bed rock, where the gold is always found in la _ ties. A sand pump which su will he of no more avail than the dredge To gel at the gold which most lie at the bottom of the Yukon, it is necessary that The a have to get up and hustle. We recom- mend and guarantee your service and help J. T. Hudson, of Pittsburg. Pa, has re- turned from a successful business trip to Detroit. Mich., Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, N. Y. The edition of the Christinas Rill- ~ be 15,000 copies. _.j that the bed of the Yukon istv rich as the adjoining creeks, we would clear abont 1100,000 every time that the caisson was sunk to the bed rock. "When it is considered that all of the creeks emptying into the Yukon contain nble to suppose that the river, into which all these creeks empty, flows over a bed of golden ingots. For centuries the ad- ioinina creeks have been pouring their t into the river, and the big Thefollowing matter has recently been distributed in Cincinnati: Merrill, Soule Co., "None-Such Miuce Meat," folders; Dr. Kilmer Co., books; Howard Drug and Medical Co., circulars; Lydia Pinfcham Medical Co., booklets; Dr. Chase Co., areolars; Wells & Ricbard- A. c. Meyer & Co., pocket Tbs BUMMaa THE Billboard has more paid-in-ad- vance subscribers among distributors thau all papers combined. Thb Billboard has more paid-in-ad- is tbe glowing fire of fraternal brother- form