Billboard (Oct 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD 9 OUR NEW CHRISTMAS POSTERS FOR RETAIL MERCHANTS ARE NOW READY. We are a little bit late with them this year. The delay could not be avoided. We have been so busy with Theatrical, Fair, Poultry Show and Bench Show Posters, that we could not take up our Holiday Posters until fully two months later than usual. But, though belated, they are beauties. They will sell on sight. SAMPLES FREE TO BILL POSTERS. Write for them now. Almost any merchant will advertise for the Holiday Trade. Now is the time to get them started on the boards. The Donaldson Litho. Co., CINCINNATI, O. ^Magnetic Hammers Just Ibe thing lor Card Tackirs. DONALDSON LITHO C0.S1H tolls. CINCINNATI Bill Posters'Paste Brushes. This brush is mat Lured especially f< and is fully |l is the cheapest GOOI> Ttrush you can find any- iucb. 3.15 each. Litho. Co., Cincinnati, MjM Paste Brush Handles Made Expressly For Traveling Advertising Will III Insldi of a bill trunk. HANDY, DURABLE, STRONG, RIGID. 7 net. 2 sit 10 K feel. 3 ■ $1.25 SI. 15 Donaldson Litho. Go. eiNeiNNATI. Remit with order. nione.ente.t