The billboard (Oct 1897)

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THE fitLLSOAfiD ESTABLISHED }B90. The WAUKESHA 811 Pos,in s Go „™.".?T."™.™.!?.Distributors and Genera! Adiertlsers. OH AS. G. MEWS. MGR. Past, Distribute, Tack, or do any kind of Out-Door Advertising: anywhere in Waukesha County. *WAUKESHA, WIS. ATTENTION BILL POSTERS. Advertising our Davy Crocket Cigar. We want to hear from bill posters, especially in the small towns. Send us your best rates for thirty days, guaranteed and protected service, (no lists—our trawling men inspect our work,) and amount of paper you can handle to advantage. We pay cash, and we pay promptly. Address : HAAS BROS.. 215 RACE STREET. CINCINNATI. Tna Bill Paster * — The English counterpart of The- Bn-LBOAjm. Subscriptions 50 cents per year, post free, may be sent to ®NE OF MANY UNSOLICITED. LETTERS RECEIVED BY-Ja.» Steinbrenner's Distributing Service. Would Etke Co Do Sour W. H. STE1NBRENNKR, i?Tl La id wtttTth t ncsoHa? '™liv whadid bat have thr KOOdsin Ifc, 10 U itae Increasing drmand. W M ^g^rn»;rtb?iion rd D;p^ n - W. H. STEINBRENNER. Manager, Room 609, Lincoln Inn Court, No. 519 MHIRI STREET. CINCINNATI, O. HOWARD N. H0LSH0USER, City Bill Poller ■ WASHINGTON, D.C. « """w. 250,000. Sampling, Distributing, Sign Tacking, WORK GUARANTEED TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED. Wright's Distributing Service, GEO. WRIGHT. Manager. 432 10th STREET, I. W. OMEN L.RDARK, Greenville, Ky. "SrnSfoT Prompt and Honert Scrvk*. Low Rato.