Billboard (Nov 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. IX., Nc. TO. CINCINNATI, NOVEMBER I, 1897. WAR!!! At Paterson, N. J., Ended. Lews the Field Entirely and .Sells Out to the Goiie- Munson-Lowde n People* the paper, the work is done in (he usual way, I have repeatedly sent out orders that specified that the paper was to be bunched, onty to be told at the end of the month that the bill poster thought it ad- visable to thoroughly scatter. Then I have sent orders not to duplicate, and re- ceive a list showing a hundred posters on a dozen locations. r. Then I telegraph, :omes a. bill and list, "ay is just about rnt- I show this to the advertiser, and he throws up his hands and countermands all other posting orders. ceived as we were about to go to press: Naw Yosue, November 3. Editor The Billboard, Cincinnati. - The bill poster war at Paterson, Pas- saic and Rutherford, N. J., was called off November i, when Mr. Sain Pratt left the field entirely and Mr. £'MealiasoM :k in the surviving The officers are: O. J. Gude, president; Wot, B. Lowden, vice-president; F E. The Board of . Directors for the first year arc 0 J. Gude, Harry Munson, t\ E. Fitch Charles J. Hicks and William B. Lewd en. The New Jersey Bill Posting Co., the name assumed by Pratt &. is to exist, I by the The above telegram confirms <mr belief that the "open" association is not a long way off. Here we have an officer of buth associations joining hands. If Munson can be ■ member of the A. B. P. A. from Paterson, why not from New York, where he has the ideal plant of A THE NECESSITY FOR MORE SYSTEM. never .bink to ask for (hi. patlicnlar thing again. If the bill poster does bis foil dnly, and sends prompt notice of (he date posting begins, the advertiser I turned lately sends a salesman, or force of salesmen, to that" town or city and loads nji the trade with ■ (he goods. , Return* are fine, and the bill poster then receives renewal orders, and ma- y For some years I have been pUtina* the bill posting for the George W. Childs' Cigar, and (he money thai concern threw. - away at ibe beginning was. to say the least, rmviderahle. Finally these people stopped aWutely. except in towns where the goods were already placed with the retailers. \ ' They were compelled to adopt. tbJs j conrae because the other and better could not be followed. ' The 1 treey aritb other advert tseta, and n hundred thousand dollars that would have gone for bill posting has been side- tracked toto other channels because of this one At the close of tbe srrnion one of the elders look him tonne side arid wirned bitu that he mast be carefol not to touch noon stock gambling, for one of their most liberal members was a Board of Trade roker. Next Sunday the preacher t the close .of the service another elder warned him that Brother So-and^So ■ ■ occasionally look a social glass too much,' ~ but the brother was a libera] giver and it was better Ibat nothing be done to wound ' bis feelings. This con tinned fra some weeks, when finally the preacher called a meeting of the elders and asked them if hill ia sent in. , No matter h. K? «Wt may •.(company the Qlfler and But worse than all this, is the inability Why? The posting h.s been done, to get any kind of iuforma'ion ss to whin and done well, the posting is to begin. I send out orders Then why is not with insttuctions to notify me promptly Because advertising is inten on the day the posting begins. A week means toward selling goods. Th later I write to know if the paper has get the retailer to buy gocds is « been posted. I receive no reply. In the advertising is being done. And r meantime tbe advertiser is anxiously how we 1 an article is advertise: waiting to know when the posting is to retsil trade has not got it in stock when begin, so he can send salesmen to the called for the consumer will buy some town asjd push the sale of the goods, But thing else in its stead, and, probably toes" of some member of the congrega- tion. The elders considered'the' matter for some time, and one of them got up ■ and said; "I'll tell you what y ou do ; preach against Mormonism ; give- them Now. I am not preaching agaiuist Mor- monism ; I don't believe a single" render of this publication is a Mormon. What I preach against are crying evils in the a article is advertised, if the in the collar for the ti not to blame for that. . ; The shoe is intended for all whom it , twyfit