Billboard (Nov 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD 5 "rake-off," haven't yon? See? The. same people have just competed the work again, and it is the same kind of a job. thrown away in this town twice a-year. E>r. Greer of Chicago is doing some work here now. He would have saved money by burning ii at home. It was a' solutely HOUSE-TO-HOUSE DISTRIB- UTING. verlisers to believe this talk; in fact, I know it to be the case in my town. They tefer to the papers and tell me they reach is giving their facilities (j jour goods, Yettbemer- to see ihe point, anil r man f 5 oo every family, and in two or mote lan- guages if ihaiMl. All newspapers arc educators; they educate the advertiser for cash. Some of thein are fakes, in that they have no circulation. Sore of the scribers. yet they do 1 worth of advertising. Therearea'so fake distributors here. They take work for whatever they can get. and put out a few "trade marks'.', sendin their bill gel their money, while the honest, actual distribu- tor the chaiacler of the work. The ad' verliser is largely responsible for this; he is experienced and knows what the work is worth; yet he ships bis goods to the man that bids the lowest. The International Association of Dis- cheap, do not w dical Co., Elkhart, in the hab I will admit that much advertising mat- ter is wasted, destroyed and otherwise : know it; yet this is largely Hie :r all out; if he does, he puts it out quently into the furnace of house, mill or elevator. W the advertiser does not take as heavy or expensive a risk in securing honest ser- vice in the general distribution oF his matter as he does in placing his advertis- ing with the vast multitude of newspa- pers, of which more than half claim that they issue thousands of copies more than they really do. I believe in newspaper advertising, and this with yourcireulars or booklets. The advertisement in the paper keeps it lie- fore the customer, and the booklet or cir- cular comes along line- in sixty days and tells just what you want to say to them - given full particulars Basing this talk on a town of 303,000, 60,000 booklets would read) every family; and there is no newspaper in the laud (bat would have the gall to claim to reach over thirty per cent of the families. It would be neces- sary to get your ail in every paper in the city in order to reach every family — y times the ir I(S eakn o put This would help some, if t would put it out, but they do not do it. There are car loads of it that go to the dump or up in flames, while the small boy gets to sow a little of it to the wine's while he meanders promiscuously around with a sack of it at 15 cents a day. This sort of advertising does not j ■ tb We The International Association itee their work. If you doubt it, E. Piukhem Medical Co. es, such as regulating their prices, but as long as we find that they do honest distributing, we advertise them—Cany their names on the reverse side of our letter heads; in this way, tlieir 1 reach every advertiser in the laud In our work throughout the cities, we come across persons doing all kinds of distributing—some good, some bad—and we find agents direct from thiir home of- fice betraying the confidence reposed in them. I made a contract with one of them last May, to do his work for ft. 75 per thousand. He went out and found another man for $1. end let every member turn to Article ii. Section 1, of our by-laws, and read them. Act accordingly, and I am quite sure we will soon see our membership increase by platoons. Go to work, every one of yon, and send the Secretary at least one appli- slroug and we shall win. We are today recognized an.I patronised by nearly all the reliable and extensive advertisers in the land, and we want them alL They are coming onr way. Boys, treat them right and, they will join us and stay with us, too. In the past six months I have added to my list of patrons eight of the largest advertisers in the United States. Wilmington, Del.; J. M. Hut ton, Ash- land. Ky.; Geo. M. Leonard, Grand Rap. ids. Mich.; C D. Wright, Washington, IX C; F. Altnian & Son. Columbus, O.; F. C. Zebrung, Lincoln, Neb.; E. R_ Endly. Manfieid, O ; Geo. H. Spang, Lebanon, thro over the lam high for some people. Honest service. Di-tribntois of the L A, of D. should keep these words in mind. Make it your golden rale to give honest service. When you put ont advertising matter, do it as you would do it for your- self. Make every piece count; talk up the goods: do all you can to create a de- mand for them. Stndy advertising in all its forms; give it your attention and keep up with the times. Personally supervise the distribution, and see that every piece is properly landed. Yon can not guaran- tee honest service unless yon give it your- self, and not charge too much nor work next time. Bought education is the best Honest service must be rendered in order to secure the business. The advertising money, and every piece wasted is so much money lost to the advertiser, besides the loss to business, which can not be esti- mated. I have been working on the home people for distributing, bat they have been treated so badly by distributors that it has been an uphill business. But I have succeeded in getting nine jibs, in all several hundred thousand; also 1000 signs lacked for the K. C. Journal Co If you desire to place any advertising matter anywhere in the United States, and want to know that it will be done ac- cording to instructions, place it with the of the I. A. of D. ~~ W. C. Tirrilt, of Lima, O., in October 36. Mr. Tirrill has an tionally able article in Tub for October, which is well worth reading. As a rale, all advertisers pay their bills promptly, and distributors lose very little money on this score. Now and then, however a dead beat does enter the field, ami every distributor owes it ti " TIPS. Erirkson& Sou, Charleston, Mass. Lydia E. Piukbam Medical Co , Lynn, Dr. Chase, Philadelphia, Pa. Nichols & Co, Room 16, Rialto. Chi- cago, at, Daring Sr. Co., us Stale street, Chi- cago, III. Paragon Tea, Cleveland, Ohio. G. E. Conkey, Cleveland, Ohio Sterling Remedy, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. PATERSON. As we stated in fast month's issue, Gnde Sl Fitch have bought ont Hicks, in Paterson, and are making a big bid for business in that city. It has developed, however, that prior to ibeir embarking in the business, Messrs O'Meatia and Pratt tlm Henceitwillbese a fight between Gude on the one side and O'Mealia and Pratt on the other. -And they are all members of the Executive Committee, too. going o: jutidles (beautiful little booklci der sidewalks and in other out-of-the-way places. The agent was on the ground, wrong. You've heard of things called f