Billboard (Nov 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD. THE BILLBOARD PUBLISHING C Subscription. Ii.oo rer Year, In Ann TWl BILLBOARD nstances ourselves. Bnt, after all, a icr tfaat bas no enemies scarce tnt eal friends. . ' Many bill posters an-awakening to the fact that the fight we are making for Hie open association is a lorg step ill tfce right direction. Several gentlemen who control large and were formerly arrayed against this issue, have conceded tbatulti- e will achieve a victory. One of tbeiu recently said: "You're right that question, and so are English bill ^o^ld ^ len posters. I don't believe you would ever have had an argument if you had led up to the issue gradually. The trouble was, yon were a little ahead of the times, and j on sprang it so abruptly that B. P. A. who has opposition can now be prices, etc., while the members who enjoy immunity from opposition are expected to invite it by refusing work at the dicta- tion of these members who are free to do as they like. When you look at the mat- ter carefully, it is absurd ou its face. The open association would rectify these matters largely. We do not claim that it would do away with opposition entirely, but we do stoutly maintain that the saute time, repetition is a strong point of advertisiug, and with the 8-sheet well scattered the reader is running against rayed against you before we had time to think '.he n You will win in tii yon do you will over carefully, igh, and when whole lot of tained a foothold it will eliminate it four out of five times, and in the fifth case it will turn opposition into competition, to the incalculable benefit of everybody con- WHAT IS THE BEST SIZE FOR A POSTER? flies, especially when one is busy, and the year jnst past has been so y year. It has been i discerning, careful thinkers as R. C. C. C Donnelly, Col. Burr Bobbins and Mr. Sam Pratt concede the hearty scraps. We have enjoyed them and our adversaries have, too—at least we hope so. At any rate, the paper has thriven, and continues to grow larger and stronger wi h each succeeding month. We recently heard the issue put graphically by a v agent. Said he: "The advertiser is much like the proverbial horse that you can lead to water ing up a] I think that the < "Billposters," he'eontiuued, 1 heart's content, but they cannot curb the dominant desire of tbe American busi- iiess-man to buy whe:e he can buy the to tbe other extreme, and are striving t. see how large a poster can be made, t 48-sheet (4x11) is, I believe, about as bij is they have yet not; and 1 have been ii giving issue, we may be pardoned, per- haps, if we dwell at length upon olher blessings which we have to be grateful for. One of them is anil patronage. Another, rates. Bnt, far and away, the most im- portant of all is the appreciation, confi- r because there was not on the prominent boards 14 sheet is a good. con vet they may give rise to opposition. For and can be got onto most any billboard, Mayor Jones will not approve the bill posting ordinance if council passes it. In giving out this decision he said he hoped "that council would not pass the ordi- On being pressed for his reasons, tbe mayor intimated that the purpose of the monopoly for the bill posters, who are pushing the ordinance, notwithstanding the fact that the price would be reduced by the ordinance. ••Bryan &. Co. bas snapped np all the desirable pieces of property in the city, and will have a practical monopoly of the business should the ordinance pass,' said the mayor "The other bill posters will, of course, have the same chance as this firm to compete for contracts, but any business man would give Bryan three times as much money for advertising his he would any other firm, sof the increased facilities It is not fair to the other bill posters. Of course they could secure bill boards if they saw fit, but they will End that all the best places have been leased by the other company. "The best illustration of thij spirit I have seen for some time was when a wo- rn m called on me the other day to obtain my influence for an ordinance raising the license fee of tbe drivers of baggage wag- ons in the city. She said there was not enough in business now to give all adecent portion was placed on the busines, it would drive some of them ouL I asked her what they could do when their busi- wanteda few to live decently while 1h; J. Ballard Carroll bar! Albany to himself. He was a good fellow, affable, jovial and counted his friends by'the score. He owned his that any one would have, either, bnt Bailie, loyal to tbe policy of the as- being only sbout twenty feet in length. takes upju: the! id if the ad- vertisers sends out 8-sheets be is very apt to find a large majority of them bunched into stands of at least 24-sheets, and fre- quently I have seen as many as six or eight or ten 8-sbeets hutched together. If there were any way under the sun It we are honest and entirely Capes disapproval. We have known until Mclntyre determined that he could l good thing - out of the work that refused, if he never got anything And now Bailie has got .bitter, opposition on bis hands wbich otherwise he would never have known." •\ The whole scheme or-the "close" *s- tbings considered. The 8 sheet is large enough to hold an ordinary amouut of reading matter, to be easily readable from across the street, and its economical size renders it possible for an advertiser to I left t, 1 the worse than ever. Any member of Qui A. 3 z-sbee:s. and Of course, the advertiser who bas so much money that he needs not to count the cost, may take the 24-sheets, or the ther sites if he of the mind. That is tbe spirit that many of the ordinances, ai in the bill posting ordinam ' Beliefon laiue. O , is badly in need of a is returned by the present incumbent with tbe excuse that the theatre monopo- The f 1 delinquency of the Ohio Hill Posters' Association was for blank certifi- cates. The amount was tendered at At- lantic City, but refused because the Sec- retary had no blank receipts with bim. The amount was paid promptly as soon as it was brought to the attention of the Geo. Knox, of Meadville, Pa., sends ua catalogue of a recent poster exhibition held in Meadville. It is a marvel oflilh-