Billboard (Nov 1897)

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ttffi BILLBOARD 1 Fair Department. 1 The Only Fair in Georgia This Year. The first annual fair of the Waycross Fair Association, to be held at Waycrosa, Ga., November 3 to 6, inclusive, gives promise of being a success [rem every point of view. It is the purpose of the promoters of the affair to have alt of the A number of interesting races, both ] and wheel, will be ar.anged. Knowing the pluck and enterprise of the Wnycross people, we have no hesitancy in predict- tog for the fair a week of prosperity, and for those who attend it a week of enjoy- ment. HURRAH! For OnrocU Noi; Let Other. Polk™ Mb We clip the following from the Repub- lican of Cooperstown, N. Y , ril: The dales for the Oneonta fair for 1S9S have already been fixed ; they are Sep. RIVAL BIIX POSTERS. Fai, Considerable feeling has been caused by a piece of work on the part of the Stoneboro fair bill poster. When the Stoneboro bill poster was out with the bill wagon billing his fair, he was seen to paste dates over the Mercer fair dates, and not only cover over the Mrrcer dates, but receive (he benefit of their advertis- ing mUttt.—Pillsiurg Leader. a lively fight be- tween ine two factions among the Chi- nese colony in Chicago over the conces- sions at the Tranamississippi and Inter- national Exposition to be held at Omaba Some weeks ago A'ong Chin Foo, ed- itor of the Chicago Chinese Newt and president of the Chinese Equal Rights League of this country, whs appointed trof the Omaha Ex- tificate to that effect, properly signed by the president and secretary of the expo- sition. Wong Chin Foo represents the best element of ihe Chinese in Chicago, and works as a missionary among his duly certified to Secretary Gage at Wash- ington, and he has been In communica- tion with the secretary for some time with ■ Tie* of securing a permit from the gov- ernment to import about 300 of tit countrymen, representing all branches of manufacture and of the skilled arts in China. He wan la to show the American people that the Chinamen are practical and capable of development and great ttessinallkindsofskilledlabot. He has ie dishonesty practiced by these alleged i their ignorant countrymen and mcr of smuggling them into the tales in violation of the laws of "The arting president and the agricol- [Asihest tarist of the college give every encourage- "Uoo. wt ment tbal the collfgo and experimental station will be better represented than at the tire control of the Chinese exhibit, which will be known as the North ing Company. It will be the representative Chinamen of many brunches of skilled labor snd arts, and will be a permanent Organization after the exposiliou, with headquarters either in Chicago or Omaha. Since Wong Chin Foo's appointment as commissioner. Hip Lung, Hong Sing, Lem Lett and others in Chicago have ae- cured a conctssion from the Omaha expo- sition for a Chinese theater, farm, baiaar and joss-house on the Midway to be. This, however, has been conditioned on their ability to import about 500 of their n the g at Washington, Hip Lung, Hop Sing and Lem Lett have been there in see Secretary Gage. Messrs. Lett are now in Washington. Hip Lung has returned, but declined to say any- been definitely settled. These men are representatives among their fac ion of Chinamen here, and have a strong hack- that the lions are made for the sole purpose of smuggling 111 Chinese who could enter this country under other circum- stances. It is also suspected very strongly that the Chinese pay high prices to the concessionaries for the privilege of join- ing Ihe Chinese exhibits. It is also be- lieved that not a few of the Chinese, and especially the women, brought over here for such purposes are sold for front fjoo to feco each, the women bringing the It is known that of the brought only having gone elsewhere in the stales to en- gage in the laundry business. It is a fact, however, that many of those who were brought over to the World's Fair and At- lanta cxpo-ition were returned, cases, however, because they would not ata-. Wong Chin Foo is opposed to Hop Lung company's method, and the fight will be carried on between them with his in this country have been in years past importing Chinese, men and women. to the World a Fair. Atlanta Esposition cure this feature for the fair, If the consent nf Ihe Board of Trustees of Clemson college can be obtained an exhibition of ddrying will be given by the students nt Ihe Stan fair this fall. The whole process, milking the cows to separa from the milk, and finally to converting it into cheese, will be gone through with. Secretary Hollowny. who is trying to se-