Billboard (Nov 1897)

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1"HE BILLBOARD Bill Posters Can make money good money—by acting as our agents and selling ouf Posters to the retail merchants of their cities. We pay a handsome com- mission on all orders. <* We have posters (or all branches of the retail trade. Also for Foot Ball, Masquerade Balls, Amateur Entertainments, Benefit Per- formances, Lodge Benefits, Lodge Dances, in fact, anything than can be advertised. WRITE FOR SAMPLES. FREE TO RECOGNIZED BILL POSTERS. We also want to hear from capable young men desiring to travel on commission. The Donaldson Litbo. Co., CINCINNATI, O. Jointen p as ( e Brush Handles ^■^■k .Made For ■ ' ' Traveling Advertising Agents. Will lit M* »! • bill HANDY, DURABLE, ; STRONG, RIGID. IHIakl - -JI.J5 10.x llll, 3 llltlint, - SI.J5 Donaldson Litho. Go. CINCINNATI. Remit with order. None Mot e.O.O.