Billboard (Nov 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD VIRGINITY. • GOLDSMITH BROS. - — OPERA HOUSE MANAGERS AND CITY BILL POSTERS. PREDERICKSBURG. VIRGINIA. ALL WIND I NOON BILL POSTING GO., MARBLEHEAD,»»SS. fr colkcied In gnsli Export Ad Writer don T, Boston, Hut Southern Press Clipping Bureau, Atlanta, Ga. Newspaper Press Clippings for Trade ■ Papers, Manufacturers and Advertisers. Also list of. names MEMPHIS, TENN. THE MANHATTAN PRESS-CLIPPING BUREAU. NEW YORK. LONDON. ARTHUR CASSOT. Manager. Knickerbocker Building. No. a West 14th SL, New York. Supplies press clippings for Trade Jour- nals, and on all subjects. Best facilities. Hon. CHAONCEY M. DEPEW is one of oar regular patrons. Hon. CALVIN a BRICE: Yon have the best facilities of any- one in the Geld in your business. Delaware, 0. 6. D. McGuire, YOUR^^ t DISTRIBUTOR | Should be like your doctor j —you've got to trust I TRYTHEMATiniviai DISTRIBUTING CO., UP-TO-DATE DISTRIBUTORS AND TACKERS. 15 AND IT WINDER STREET, - - DETROIT. MICH. The W. D. Husted Advertising Co. KKT?. BlUbPOSTERS, i MANSFIELD. M ? /e OWN OR CONTROL AI.I , W BOARDS AND POSTINC 1 PRIVILEGES IN ....... Kansas City, Mo. ™L*,V, Combined population 300,000. 60,000 pieces does it all. Send the mailer id the MIDLAND ADVERTISING CO. (mem- ber I. A. of D.), los. Rbid, Manager, 6.7 Grand Ave , Kansas City, Mo. BELYIDERE, ILLS. Fred. Wima. Bill Phut, 812 uuwlll si. ™ 7 JOHN H.JONES, OHIci. N. W. Car. riouot * Mctltnry St>.. BALTIMORE, MO. UcoVitL N. H. Pop. 15,000. FoUom Opera Home, Driving Pari and On) a\™bnartt) 'n^htSir^vS'tahufa.'' WE WANT YeiJ ... IDEAS. btcniiK-e belicv* it Kill br 50 mil. for'a yraf) .u WSpiion IT WILL PHY veC SAMPLE COPV SENT F UP-TO-DATE IDEAS P GRAND ISLAND, NEBR. Po'keepsie, N.Y. 24 Rice BROS.. mmmm Atlanta, Ga. 124 Haynes St, Win. Ptden. Advcrtlolni DtatHhuied. Hlrnjn lac ked n|i ii ties. 11.00 per IU00 G.F.Bangasser&Go. I N NVI LLE. OREGON. Kansas City. Mo. Pop, 300.000.