Billboard (Nov 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD IS ' THE CUPPING BUREAU < 1 We read practically all the j daily and weekly newspa- l pers of the' country, receiv- ' ing them direct from the ' publishers and cutting our I those items of designated I interest to our clients at All the latest literature on any subject selected at your order. Material for trade and class papers, addresses for the catalogues, booklets and printed matter of business houses, personal mentions, articles for speeches, lec- tures, sermons, books, obit- uary notices, advertise- ments, etc.T etc. Sending you clippings from our New York and Chicago offices direct, if so desired, as well as from our main office in Boston, we can get clippings to you more fresh than those fur- nished by others. Write for further data and prices, which are the lowest, work considered, of any bureau in existence. TIE HEW EHBUfD BEWSPAPEH BUREAU, BCMMO * l*>. Bill • Business THe ofkcV BBS. BBSS in lo be in every offio NoDlnly.fiajTeir. Addmi Nanaimo, British oat Pop. 7.000. L. A. DANIELS, City BUI Poster and Distributor, SANTA CRUZ, CAL. POPULATION 8,OO0. I San Francisco, Cat. Butts, Mont. W. E. Kendrick, em potter aaa »■■> mummm. ^-O- 1 ™ WAGONS AND CARTS BILL POSTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS You can get a wagon built bv a village blacksmith, and doubtless, too, you could get a taddlT to make you a pair of Bhoet, but what is the use when you can go to a firm who make a apeoialtv of the very thins: yon want. We can give you a better vehicle for half the price you will pay at home. Bill Posters' Push Cart. • w*w«8sue§rt!sss $24.50 EACH. Bill Posters' Ponv Cart. A-$90.00. B—$100.00. C-130.00. " "JOHN H. MICHAEL, aOiERTISIHG HaMBEHS. >o you know that New Hampshire rill lie the Meita of thousands of lell-todo people, during the coming Strike while Hit Iron is Hot! We cab reach alt these people. Send 11s yeur booklets, samples, or circu- lars or any kind of advertising matter.' D.J Lefebvre Adv.GV RELIABLE I Soi 483, ,"K! .ffi"""'"' TS LIMA, OHIO. Pop. 20,000. tjc. nrriii. ay i«.(rt. Chicago. Ills. J. A. CL0U6H, Conmcu willelMd tor lb* di.tribmlon ol .1, legitimate sdveril.lng m.iuc la Ubl- Chillicothe, Mo. Z. 8. Myers, MILFORD, MASS. Pop. 9,000. E. R.N.n-.»l.-rlbnl,r. M.ln St. STAVANCER, MINN. Pittsburg;, Pa. Pop. 500,000. CITY BILL POSTING CO., HARRY B. BUSSING, Maaantr. NORWALK, CONN. Jackaon, Ga,, C. A, Henderson & Co. F^ylhiTni. M^o«'ITl? < ;.'luc! 1 u'i{e.; [Sp™^ Linn nflTi.OOO. HT . TERRE HHUTE, IND. LORAIN, 0. P.J.SMITH. •llen'sP