Billboard (Nov 1897)

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THE BILLBOARD w I THIS 15 NOVEMBER # Usually kno»-n „ the montk of TWfc^hfaft and I dull get up ris;kt here and puhlidy *** to. hundted, and thousands of the rood till poster, of Amain, who have so well performed their part in make Mlboard advertisers ol some of Ik* highest concerns in the Union. Arid I Also Want to Thanh * : -*> The scores and hundreds of members of the Association, who were so quick in writing and wiring me their assurances of disapproval of the Executive Committee's action at the October meeting. I think I have heard from them all by this time, with possibly a half a doren exceptions. I won't do it, but some one has suggested that I should thank that Committee for for showing me what a vast number, of friends I have in the membership. J* J* J* J* J*. Now is the Time .$ ®' @ That the advertiser usually begin to thin] money to the best advantage next year. I Wa nt to See % That the advertiser usually begin to think of next year's appropriation, and to consider how to spend his money to the best advantage next year. > J* -J» .* .)* A few mow of him, to tell him of the many good points in bill posting. And if there are some all ready to -begin, and who do not know the best way of going at it, I am prepared to take entire charge of the work, and to so distribute the posters as to assure the very best returns. j» . J* j» j» J* I Now, Mr. Advertiser, • • • The bill posters have all learned, Years ago, thai an order from SAM W. HOKE is just the same to them as the money in their pocket — provided the work is right: And that is one of the reasons that I advise yon to yon to. place your appropriation in my hands, .a - TELEPHONE. LONa-piSTANCE SILL POSTER, 197 W. 28TH STREET, NEW YORK.