Billboard advertising (Feb 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD Wily did the advertiser Send the ran * Was it only an advertising freak ? It was of the size supposed to contain one pound of milt, but the average person old enough to know what the article is need not see the can. One would readily un- it grocer said : -One brand pound; another brand is worth eighteen cents for the same quantity. We sell both.' 7 And be very Bare he will recom- mend the one that brings him the highest I have not the least idea of the cost of these tin cans, but it seems to me that the sending them about in the way described ', be wasteful; roust be THE FAR WEST. If any doubt remains regarding Siebe be effectually and finally dissipated hy perusing the following letters : i Francisco, CaL, Jail. 13, 1S9S. iu the city of San Francisco. The following are my reasons; I mis manager of the I'acific Coast Bill Posting Co. for many years, and operated it on a money making basis and to the entire satisfaction of the coni- panv, but owing to some of the directors at the heart of this in- Wliile it is true I sacrificed my l«u hundred shares of stock with the otln; people, I know that with the Head* I liave and the knowledge of the business speak for one woman at least I shall never think of the "Darlin Brand Condensed Milk' - without the con panion thought of the boy's words, "Only a ■e distributed by s qniet and decorous in their behaviour as government officers. Nowadays, when everything from sewing machines to soap powder, from dress freadvertised by samples, it is not good form for a manufacturer to show himself c neatly put up, properly le will speak for itself. It its kind. The manner of presentation is unconsciously remembered by the re- ceiver. That" is its first guaranty. The second must tie within itself. Its or Its failings must carry it. This new brand of - milk introduced by the. apolo- getic boy, by the empty can, by -the, "de- ficient booklet, win it not always be re- membered as a delusion, 1 conttolled by Friedlander, Gottlob & Marts, have contracted with us to do their posting, commencing the 20th. of this month. This-is one of the hard- est blows that we have struck Owens i Varney. This virtually gives ns contn of every theater in the city of San Frai cisco with the exception of the Columbia, which is ready to come over to us on the completion of their contract -with Owens & Varney. We also wish to notify yon of the fact that Mrs. Anna T. Dunphy, who with Siebe ft Green in Oakland and Alameda county, where she will manage the business. It is really a mystery to us what our rivals she has really been if npbolding Owens & Var- ney. She is a good loser, having lost of stock, Siebe & Green, recognizing them beyond a doubt as leaders, and the only leaders, in this business. The madam will personally address a letter to you in a day or two, and she will explain all about her affairs. Yours truly, Siebe Sc Gheex. Die by J. C. G. s was, indeed, a bitter pill for ing two hundred shares of stock in company. It was really compulsory self personally, everybody w manager to protect my own interests. It was then that an opposition started by the name of Siebe S: Green. The Pacific Coast Bill Posting Co. changed its name to the California Adsign Co, Un- der the new management, the firm of Siebe & Green had - no difficulty in get- : could I do? My hands were tied 1 could do nothing. I laid back, ng to see what would become of the at to do anv Iu-. a who I am, es- pecially professional and theatrical people 1 owe to my husband a duty also, la keep the name of Dunphy before the public. 1 have been in the business in the State of California for over twenty - I have handled the San Francisco thea- i death, and every theatrical t comes 10 this coast has a good 11 refer to such people Mr. AL Hayrj sign Co. saw their mistake and tl It was then that another new manager, who probably had better judgment, but really did not know anything about the business, was appointed, with almost ex- actly the same result The California to a new concern named Owens & Var- ney. Of them, I can say that they are perfect gentlemen. I have been connected with Owens & Vsr ley as confidential adviser and general superintendent of the billboards and thea- ters, but being given an opportunity to Til like Siebe & -layman, the great 1 11 Pratt of bill postii__ _ Bob Campbell, the great Chicago hill poster; Sells Bros., who are at - tnds that rhave bought the Siebe. & "Green bill posting busi- iin Oakland h me; Robinson's Cir- u?». who Hiways want to transact their usiness with me; and Walter L. Main, :;t whom I did a good turn when in San 'rancisco. I know he appreciated it verv inch, especially as he was an entire Iranger here. To conclude with, I wish to state that I consider myself second to none in the line of bill posting business, and Siebe & Green would not have taken advantage of the situation if they did not realiie that 1 C«l.,t«n. 11, dot Billboard Publishing Co.: Sirs—It is true that I have resigned from the Pacific Coast Association and joined the Associated Bill Posters' Asso- " the Stalest California, for the K they gtft .better satisfaction THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IN SESSION."