Billboard advertising (Feb 1898)

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12 THE BILLBOARD. BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN. Charles J. Patterson applied to Justice Maddox, in the Supreme Court, on behalf of the plaintiff in the suit of Margaret Dixie's Doings. The day is drawing near when t will be dispensed with, for the serv of her husband, G e orge H. "Fitchett, against Thomas J. Murphy, Bernard Link, William P. Fay and the American .Bill Posting Co., for an order permitting the plaintiff to examine the books of the of 1 And I r,.::,kr The following letter, written to W. H. Case by W. D. Redington, is of general interest to distributors, and hence we give it space: Binghamton, N. V.. Jan. 6, 189S. W. H. Case, Soliciline Secretary I- "/ D., No. 34 A'. Minor St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Dear Sir—It has frequently come to my bets of the L A. of D., 1 1S97. Fitchett was the president of the American Bill Posting Co. He worked of the company was Bernard Link, who, as manager, got (35 a week. In April and elected Murphy president at a salary of (too a week. Link treasnrer and man- ager at a salary of JSo a week, and Fay a salary of {50 a week, thii to bend every effort to make this year the greatest in the history of the Brethren, let us get to work at As time goes by, it is growing mote and more evident that we have the right kind of mettle at the helm guiding our ship of guided with a truer or a of Detroit had been . in the hands of H. W. & Co.. and the firm was consid- nd Publishers' Adv. Co., A- Scott, ; (ir,o5o ayes fur v. Fitchett's administration, cost(l,S20. On June S, 1S07, Fitchett died, and his widow, who owns fifteen shares of the company from paying these big salaries ta its officers and for an acconnting from Where will the next convention be tion for the members, and which the Ex- ecutive Committee will have to pass upon. Meanwhile, the Trans-Mississippi Exposition is moving onward, and should nothing of bookkeeping, a personal ex- armnation would benefit her nothing. . W.' J- Foster, in opposition, said that the defendants denied that t ey had raised salaries at the meeting in April. In Sep- tember,- 1394, salaries of officers were fixed at (50 a week, with the exception of the treasurer, who got (too. Fitchett re- ceived his (50 Mr. Foster gave believed Mrs. Fitchett "I noticed the paragraph about D. O. ! January issue of THE was very much surprised I traveled with Mr. Gunnells for a considerable length of time, and to be very strict with his work and ready to all he could. of the Swamp-Root people as an induce- ment to secure new members, can be branded as securing money under false pretenses. The Dr. KilraerCo., of Bing- amton, S. », control their 1 my "l"p to Now" copyright. Responsible Advertisers' List, or the copyright "List of Responsible Distributors' and Bill Posters' of the United States, which I will issue later; and members of the craft should not subscribe for these publica- tions, thinking it will especially secure them Dr. Kilmer & Co. 's work. The lists are owned and controlled by myself, and The new company worked quietly at first, and before the old company knew what was happening they had a goodly number of the billboards about the city rented, had bought others outright, and had erected still others where none were before. They were just getting into nice shape to do a Sue business when the old company discovered what was up and be- gan to strew tacks in the path- One of these tacks developed into a suit, which is now on trial in the justice court. The bone of contention is the Little thought he had a good 1> board, and he covered it with his paper, but the Walker company came along and covered' that paper with other paper, and now H looks as though the case would have to be fought through courts before a settlement can be reached. A billboard war, with cut rates and all the accompaniments, may be tl and deducts 10 per cent, of the the local bill poster's bill. This is tn at the same rime -the city bill poster di not control space towns to hang a DL S. i-ceot postage stop. Let all large advertisers full list of all small The Billboard Publishing Co. Send the work direct to the local billposter. Junction Gty, Kas. The opera bouse at this point tally destroyed by fire January 14. another page we print a cat of the id Arthur Stxoup. The cap is blue, coat red, pants, white; the buttons are big brass ones, tie plate reads. -W. C. Tirrill & Co., licensed distributors." The badge on .the coat is the same as the plate, e ' ■W. C. Tirrill & Co., licensed adv'er- The bag is yellow;and! lettered in black- There is city like it In going out to find them see themthree blocks away and see how they are dome; their work without them ■ Beririjfjyou, or of the L A. of D. should Green Ridch lumber Co. Geo. D. Brown, Mgr. Pa., Jan. O, 1898, ' S. M. Bond, of Willianuport, Pa., now wot"' the Dr. Chase Co., 1 Will toon begin on 9, Drug Co., and have signed contracts for other work soon. Since 1 have been do- ing the distributing for the Dr. C Shore, Pal, there persons wonderfully benefited by the use of hi* remedies. I think there is every indication of a large sale of his remedies in tbe near future. Mr, Bond is a hustler, and good returns may be expected froth the wi "