Billboard (Apr 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. X., No. 4. CINCINNATI, APRIL rchy in one form, they should go a i define anarchy in the so in times even incurred suits for damagis Mr. Robins 1ms modern prototypes in (lie projector! of periodicals who offer as premiums lo subscribers diamonds tliat even experts cannol (ell from real ones. Mi art work tliat rivals what costs small fortunes when bought over the counters of regular dealers. The w .lions, and in George Rubins' time it is st Uy small, as England people should be fooler! by his high-flown talk. It mav only be explained by the fact that i " »"! in its present -state." People went *Ml less mid knew-less oF each other. However, then; are many European s-wlto" rarely leave (he hamlets where they-were l-orn. and Jnauy'''1i£tag ip "sea- furls and dolnp business-in-banks, news- papar and* stealnshlp"offices'.ktwiv liltJE, of" 1 lie jilfier ftFVft tJtc^M--?hfcy receive s of America that run' jf ^t-Scrl^l^lesTisrsbine- "iiflliarjw fjie'.average ritLtett of the- ■>mM Statea--ia-of the divine right of! ""K*.. Tb« it Uw.wrt of people to be^ e-wom catch line. "Who's after as typographical curiosities. Men piece of strategy oF This story also come lell it as it was (old to shouleil with laughle- effect of what niany considered ignorance on the part ol the writer or the printer. ADVERTISING STRATAGEMS Generally, strategy should be left to (lie idea of drawing trade should be very sure tliat he lias u special talent for it. One of the best known strategists in the advertising field was the lale George Robins, of England. He was ralher This is one : In his discription or an es- tate tliat he was engaged to sell lie said amongst its many cliarws, there is a kang- rafj anaf. The astonished pureliaser less MM an old nalloas. This advertiser has lie n dead probably forty years, but be is not forgotleu. In his advertising circulars he followed the ontate style of the literature of the day. He was in the ran of the manner of Uie age; Sjnie of his circulars abound in pirtic selections, and he declared tliat even adjectives of the superlative degree were too weak (odcscrilie the propenv lie had (o sell. Frequently be ( diargitig-some of his clerks. In the nick of lime a friend, and he must have been a born advertiser, "came to the rescue. He advised a hand-bill thai should announce the cheapness of this bankrupt stock. Hand-bills had already lieeu used, but with no very startling results. The friend added but- one item". This was the head,- lrnc.-'>Who>s-YourAt(er?" Throughout the bill the h's were oniitted. when speak; tug of the goods. They were all "Ats." There were ".Youtlia' Silk Ats" '"Best Reaver "Ats;" -' "ladies' ' Riding Als," 'Ats for the country,' derof the m "altir." This little trick lifted, i ordinary, plodding hatter into the promi- nence that led -_ In striking con business tricks are the i class" taejchants <jf-'l cities of to'day-.r _~ or cards and booklets handed to in or.out- going customers are 'works of .art, . The circular letters that go through the mails 1 faultless show'the. latest'styles of type ob Sue, She may not be in need of any of the advertised goods; she may not be able to I even if she needs them; bat that genteel circular is ightthe I ■ ■ This is publicity of the most d kind. It will last. The goods to be sold arc not praised above theirdeserts. They are gowk. (ha( most people Luow of. There are no chances For deception, and nooc is attempted. The sale is lo clear away odds cumulated dori That prices are cut is only Generally, the (rum tribulion is the moat e advertising. It prodn suits. When samples are given, for a triSe, they at once bnng the Nut iu this method ii Continually (be cry goes op that U the land a very stub- • — in the history of there is abrua bora fact: At Hie United State* have orrti woikingmeou..,! »o, lt „ 1 judges uf the clothes tbey , visions they eat and the household arti- cles that nuke the , comforts ami couve- i iences of life. They know the value of what passes through their hands, and merchants are wise who, in writing their ans, allow .for Uus intelligence. . 'JLirc-uict Holmes Bates. Los A.ngeles, Cat,., Feb. m, iSoS." Frank V. Dbaper, Dps Miiues, Iowa. Hudosed find fifly.four cents for your Di rectory with'our name inserted therein W1LSHIRE POSTING .CO. THE LARGEST FLAG. j^gfea^jf^arat made U.ODa of Urn ncianati neit Seuteoibtr.. VU^UKa™ill'l "£ i»ted to a light gl Old Glmj oa a.scale id rh m.snlflcent mninliuae .thai lhgy- will "t ^^■j^^'- Je jJ" Prestat a picture ot it fae'l&ea Is-a conce&IJan br the. famaua "-*' 3o.-Jook. «mperfutaa4ut. ot tha. art .of The Donaldson. Lithograph! nc tt la an Innovation. « complete Jntlo flat 'will' meaiure. BO feef wide and. Mo.feet lane. These proportions are necenarr on account or the slope or Halter the bill oa which It l« pegged down. Each one ot iho •trtpei will be JO.feel id "■I.*... i. _.„ ta alapLiied on the. >M* ol ana visitors will .le» it from , iMl of tbe Ohio at BellmUB, A Tbe. Savor ffil S VaodjVeer, who | -te the flrtua tents lor ue worM, will r^j3nk^*re^Ivea"miriy Irttara recard- - the m ■H o'" the eoontrr. 11 u. acUas a most tremendous amoant ot at-