Billboard (Apr 1898)

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THE The Billboard. tz> East Eiftatb Stmt, the A. B. P. This was made manifesi of the A. B. F. undertook ti BILLBOARD OUR VOTING CONTEST. Who Is the Most Popular Bill Poster in America ?—The Successful Candidate Gets a Trip to Ireland at the Expense of The Billboard. plained loThe'in that our to the fact that The Billboaro reserve.! the right to criticise not only the ac- ,„ e r, X*A™tiA,.d A.. W. C tm Pirn, at Brt&tnfi, 17 Aumt dil Ottrw. Tkttrmlt nf- fIUdb,t*l America, JTrmr Ce.aviill *ra«*K. Notice— The final polls close al Saturday, July 9. *,_. ' Under 01 ican News Company, THE Billbqahd is IT is generally believed that tl.e first duty of a paper acting as the official organ of the A.B-P.isto set of officers in power. Hence it will be :■ fam. A]] advertising is good, but some kinds are better than others. This remark has been made before, referring to whiskies, to beers and even to advertising. It is certainly true oF advertising. parity, which 1 lessen the evils of opposition very ma- TJnfortnnately, however, there people so constituted by inherited bias, acquired obstinacy or cold, selfish greed and avarice, that they are simply corn- trade organizations, the great tmght be given a trial and its im- \e possibilities tested within the year. speedily degenerate into a cringing, syco- phantic, lick-spittle. It may not propose measures of im- tout mistakes, t criticise nor even print pro- ritiques from members of the age from New York to Queenstown. From Queens town to Dublin the journey will be by rail. Returning same way. The trip will occupy a little over six weeks and will prove a most enjoyable HOW THEY STAND. The votes received by the n op to Uarcb jj were as Fulton : medium, the individual advertiser may so satisfactory results; and while bill posting is among the best methods, there is the possibility of doing bill posting without proper returns. ■ : » . Some time ago the great department store of Siegel-Cooper Co . of this city. r a trill posting service in New York City, to cover the densely pop- linedor knifed. In either event, its lot is far from being a happy one. The A. B. P. has found J. KalUrd Carroll H. W. Walker ei. P O'Melia. C Campbell Chas. Vogel Geo. Castner .... K C. Donnelly, . probably be that it didn't pay. And yet should be content with the very cheapest printing possible to secure, when it c to their 6-sheet posters, passes a" standing, and the more so from the Fact that in the past their L road posters and 24-sheet stands have been v him duly realize the fact that opinion is the agency through which character adapts external arrangements .to itself— that his opinion rightly forms part of tltis agency—is a unit of force, constituting, with other snch units, the general power which works out social changes, and he propsrlj (nothing else) on the coupon below, and mail it to Thk Billboard Publishing Co., Cincinnati, O. Each coupon will be counted as one vote for the strength and ruefulness, is the peer of e been halt as successful produce wfeit cfiXL T 7\c. newspaper 111 A Would it ha without bill posting/ And would it have been one-<,uarter as tccessful had it used the billboards in the "good c ' with other ad