Billboard (Apr 1898)

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THE A. A. P. E. Whit It b-SuMMtj THE BILLBOARD „ ,.tt.!X\;.r.."X: PHILADELPHIA. _. TJt3?g'{?S£SHt (SSI'S Commmial EiposMon Is ie» to UTYtiS Si'J^S.ilS'AS'S Ali Fo-ip, T,«t«. 5—- SS wrSSS s/sk »- c. .-.-a. mi „, ,„ to be held l n Pbtladelpbla neiE inectloo with the second lounu- ,t> the meetings of the are permitted to participate in the genera] discussions. Pure eligible nil UmUj. There la'protMbly^no" e^lna- ihat itlmulales general funning ud stuck rai -—aal Fair expositions. Theme J ling opportunity to tSv mkS of'Su __lea or fndutrr, will ety, i d a toreino mcr- ArraoKement of the fair Into proper depart- chut an uouhUfll opportunity to study and leoU Is a necessity readily conceded. Each eiamlne what be can twit bur In thaUnlue! nKge^Bome raem'o.r^'ihe'r^r^'VloUiM SHra^Ung^uirR 1 U ^nbSJ?"i b* n W ltb e »utftu«™ e t™n^lfle°.ll'qoe«ion. 15.1^5 txr^ol fhe worlS. l "rn'J cu-ow'rlujn'Ltd ,1!! noer the rules In their respectlye depart- prowl of foreign Chaobera of cmmn, \. tenia—subject, in Important matlera—to ap- already assured. The object of is Id discuss matters pertaining fo fair and cxpositioi) management and to exchange ss or failure of par- ranee new ideas for altd to formulate and 1 rules for protection a 'j^^^M^SAj^m 7E:iT%*iLV^c^*sLz£ §Ki n ^i^SS'Mr?S I^SalP^ I^r^".^"^ co"iuct ll t a eiT l b U ^ne S a. Bro^b'r^u^turing^f.^pro'ed both! Woma' n ! » n w"; h |hoti'd' r be M underlie le"™! wr^tkme'^b^moaTT.wn.l^X'tuV"", *lb» ^ception.theonly source glH. machinery jmatt.prodoct.._.nd .1, the ™*™*'<}°>3, ^la^'r,^ 5Si Z£22? ,«K*52SS SUSS 1 * merit and are worthv of introduction, and to determine those things which are entitled to recognition in the list of pre- miums offered: in other words, to make the (airs and expositions strictly educa- tional in this character and great schools for object lesson teaching, where (rood re- sults shall redound to the benefit of pro- ducers and the people gcneraltv. In the accomplishment of such high and noble purposes, it i* _ri Initrutta". 'f'q ^bU*k1n°if"if*warS everybody in ibe enterprise. Ice forefront of the worlda* agrfcoHure; 'a inabut Terr Utile ana Is uflen eveii „,,TJ^ fl ,"™i^ 0 °,™^'J_ f l,^I%J"™ '5?t HSJSSf prodi'et.' la SSe U?' 8 " f Western and Northwestern Sh l tt sll tm "iSenw!''or J^Pn™^B? ur in upon the <_ „. . do the sufc- notions, el ilem. such is advel o tranaporalltn. of that is tlemfiralinn;; in char- fair may be made and kept exhibition. My observation and experience in . A second department will comprise exhibit* Hon of properly, and my sense of ri l h ' a ™l {J T ^* ! "^fif ,r,a "' ^^worS^ Tfcer'win' The business of fairs and expositions throughout the courttn" should be con- ducted upon a business basis, with uni- formity of methods, so that exhibitors and oihers may become at one * with the methods pertaining to fair matters in any of the states To bring such desirable results about is an object of the American Association of Fairs and Kx positional and the purpose is NORTH CAROLINA. -- ■ quire packages to be marked ov the sides: with ■lencll. or In olher ways nol usual in «u Ba t'terin'e" prospects "«